Chainfire’s systemless root allows automated boot image patching on installation

Chainfire’s systemless root is now allowing automated boot image patching when you install. This basically means that you don’t have to upload specific boot images for smartphones and tablets because the zip installer for SuperSu will install in systemless mode and patch the boot image automatically. This will only work on Android 6.0 and Touchwiz […]

Android One phones receive TWRP support – happy flashing, India!

Android One phones currently on sale in India are getting Team Win Recovery Project support. The low-price Google phones can now become toys in the hands of tinkerers and bakers who enjoy flashing custom ROMs and software modifications on a daily basis. The custom recovery can be downloaded from the official TWRP page. Micromax Canvas […]

T Mobile and Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 get TWRP support

TWRP custom recovery is now available for two Samsung Galaxy Note 4 versions. We’re talking about the T Mobile and Sprint versions, which can now be modded at your leisure as long as you use the best custom recovery around. Even if not all Note 4 variants are getting their own rite of passage recovery […]

CyanogenMod nightlies for Verizon Galaxy S5 and GSM HTC One Mini 2

CyanogenMod is finally offering nightlies for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 and for GSM’s HTC OneMini 2. Even if Android itself is updating pretty fast, that does not stomp the desire to install custom ROMs. Cyanogen is the best established option on the market and often new devices are getting support for your baking needs! […]

CyanogenMod unifies nightly ROMs for all Moto X versions

CyanogenMod released a unified nightly ROM for all US editions of Motorola Moto X 2013 edition. Previously, most of the US carrier versions of Moto X got their own nightly build, after which the ROMs were unified to correspond to all Motorola Qualcomm S4-based phones, including the DROIDDs. All the Moto X builds are now […]

Xperia Z2 GSM version CyanogenMod nightly update

Xperia Z2 tablet gets a nightly update from CyanogenMod and you can now implement it if you want. The Sony Z2 tablet may not be the best of the bunch, but it seems to have a pretty large base of fans who love its industrial design. The CyanogenMod team has begun publishing nightly fixes for […]