Hush a disposable phone numbers app

Need a local number for california? Madrid? Milan? or you know just make your friends believe you are sitting in NY while you are just too lazy to get out of bed to answer the door in San Jose? well Hushed got you covered! just pay $1.99 for a 1 week number or $5.99 for a 1 month, or $9.99 for a 3 month number and you are set for that amount of time! you also have the option of pay as you go via paying $6.99 which gives you $5 in useable credit. one * very* awesome thing I noticed is this is a VOIP app so while using this you WONT be using your regular cell phone minutes. which gives you infinite possibilities need a temporary number? well use your tablet as a phone with this! or got a friend coming in to town? buy them this on any extra android phone you have and they are set. as long as there is internet service they will have a phone line. hushed features from the description page : Hushed is private, safe and secure, all your phone conversations can be protected so nobody can access your information if they find your phone. Get as many Hushed numbers as you would like and destroy them when your done. Use a Hushed number for a week, or for months at a time. Every Hushed number comes with Voicemail, and SMS. Even your voice mail is professional and is a standard voice so you don’t have […]