Apple Music app ported to Android, because you can’t listen to your favorite tunes otherwise

Apple is finally opening up to cross-platform commitments and, although it is just doing it to bait potential customers into joining “ the proverbial dark side”, it managed to bring Apple Music to the Google Play store. Why do we need such a thing? Well, there are people out there who still like to keep […]

Android chips made by Google in the near future, sources say

Google wants to create its own Android chips, if we are to believe recent reports from the Information. Google seems to want to work with some OEMs in order to co-develop chips based on its own designs., thus making the fight with Apple products even more personal.       Apple is continuously designing its […]

HTC One A9 unit leaked in photos!

HTC One A9 photos leak courtesy of @OnLeaks today. The device is said to be launching on October 20 in New York, but considering HTC’s recent financial troubles, every move is being monitored. These leaked photos show a dummy device with no working parts on the inside, but the look and design of the device […]

Apple releases Move to iOS and Android fans respond accordingly

Apple is back in the news again and this time it’s all about their first ever app. The company is known for being at least reticent when it comes to sharing with or supporting other platforms. It took them years and years to finally pair with Windows for the iTunes program, and some of the […]

iPad Pro announced today – a huge-er better tablet from Apple

The iPad Pro has finally become reality as the Apple Event held earlier today showed the device in all of its splendor. This is, indeed, a larger version of the regular iPad and Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is rather excited about it.     What do we get with the new iPad Pro?   Apple’s […]

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus officially announced today

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were announced today at Apple’s event. As expected, Apple did launch the S versions for this spring’s devices and not a next generation device. The general media opinion is that these are awesome devices, but are they really, especially when compared to other flagships of 2015?       […]