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[CES 2016] Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch launches in March

Fitbit Blaze is the newest iteration in the best fitness tracker line on the market. It was launched a few days ago at CES Las Vegas and it appears to raise the bar even further when it comes to creating the perfect wearable. All the better because now, Apple, Pebble, Microsoft and Misfit or Jawbone have entered the market and are trying to take over everyone.


Fitbit Blaze smartwatch



Fitbit has been working on fitness trackers and watch-like devices for years now, but the first real smartwatch fitness band that came out of there is Blaze. It looks more like an Apple Watch or an Asus Zenwatch than anything.


Don’t get overexcited yet, Fitbit Blaze will not be an Android Wear device; however, you do get tons of personal trainers and other sporty apps. For starters, FitStar personal trainer workout will not be missing (you get 8 minute warm-up sessions, 7 minute workouts and 10 minute ab sessions). You also get software aimed at hiking, tracking, biking, running, yoga and lifting weights.


Fitbit Blaze uses your phone’s GPS to track your moves and it has a built-in heart rate monitor. Its battery should last up to five days before needing another charge. The device also allows users to receive calls and it manages music.


Fitbit Blaze features



Design-wise, Blaze is not the prettiest child in the courtyard, but not the ugliest one either. It has large bezels, almost as large as its screen ratio, and a logo underneath the display. You can swap plastic bands in blue, plum or black that cost $29.95 each, or you can pick a leather band in black, camel or grey for $99.95. If you want to feel the steel on your hand, you can choose a silver stainless steel band for $129.95.


Fitbit Blaze will cost $199.95 and its official launch date is in March. If you live in the US, you will be able to check the device out at CES in the remaining days or in Best Buy stores starting February 20th. If you are eager to try one and you don’t mind throwing money on a pre-order, you can do so now on the website.


Source: Fitbit via AndroidPolice



[CES 2016] Samsung Gear S2 support for iOS incoming!

Samsung is trying to win every aspect of the market right now and in an attempt to become more approachable it just announced that its Tizen Gear S2 smartwatch will work with iPhones too. The device has been compatible with most updated Android devices already, so this move into enemy territory is at least interesting coming from the South-Korean monolith.


Samsung Gear S2




The support was announced at CES a few minutes ago, but no additional details or a specific date were made public so far. It is clear the Samsung Gear S2 will lose some of its functionality on iOS as opposed to its Android version support, but this is expected to happen. The smartwatch is considered one of the best, well-designed devices in its niche at the moment and it may appeal to some Apple users who were not impressed by the Apple Watch.


Gear s 2



Samsung also announced that Gear S2 Classic will be available in two new finishes: rose gold and platinum.



New Apple Watch models available – meet Rose Gold and Gold models

There are two new Apple Watch models shown at the Apple event today and they look pretty sleek. The event presented many many new Apple products and facilities, including new watch models for the success that became the Watch ever since it launched last year. The new watch models will be available starting today. The new Watch OS 2 will follow on September 16.

Apple Watch RoseGold Apple Watch Gold


Apple Watch rumored to have screen issues – problems may delay or cut shipments in half

Could the Apple Watch be in trouble? We still have a month to go before the new Apple product goes on sale and rumors are starting to spread! Not the good kind either! Some are hoping this device will be a hit while others have much lower expectations, but they may all be thrown away in a jiffy, if rumors are to be believed.


Apple Watch


According to Taiwanese media outlet UDN a production issue may lead to a postponement in shipping, at least for some devices. The issue seems to be related to the AMOLED display Apple chose to use, a change from its usual LED screens.

Considering the fact that Apple’s initial shipment targets were somewhere between 2.5 to 3 million units, just cutting these numbers in half could damage credibility and the product’s stability on the market. On a different note, cutting the shipment number to around 1.25 million could make the Apple Watch a much more exclusive prospect. This is not the first time Apple has been met with this type of speculation, and in previous attempts, they came up on top, solving their problems or proving there were never such issues to begin with.

Source: UDN via Techradar

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The Apple Watch: specs, price, launch date and availability

The Apple Watch was just officially unveiled and now we know when it comes live! It will be purchasable starting April 24th and its starting price will be $349. The top of the line models will be much much much more expensive however, reaching up to $10,000 and beyond.


Apple watch


The low-end model named Apple Watch Sport is clad in aluminum and its price starts at $349 for the 38mm model and $399 for the 42mm model.

All we know regarding specs is that the battery lasts a day at most, the screen has 390 x 312p for the 42mm version and 340 x 272p for the 38mm model. The straps choices include plastic, leather and metal.





Apple Watch will support Siri, it will monitor calories burnt, heart rate and steps taken and it could include the HomeKit framework that allows users to control certain parts of their home, in this case lights.

There’s also a stainless steel model with prices ranging $549 – $599. That’s not all, because the price can rise up to $1,049 – $1,099 depending on the band you choose.

The top of the line is the 18-karat gold Apple Watch whose price starts at $10,000. This version will only be available in select retail stores.



Apple’s smartwatch will begin pre-orders on April 20th and April 10th marks the day you can go to Apple stores and try the Watch on. Sales will begin in the US, China, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Germany and Hong Kong. After it officially goes on sale, you may be able to find it in some department stores and boutiques as well.

Source:  TheVerge


Watch the new Android Wear teaser while waiting for the Apple Watch unveiling

Everyone is eager to formally meet the new Apple Watch, but until then we will show you the most recent Android Wear ad. This little commercial features tons of youngsters wearing different circular and square watches with distinct faces. The different watches contrast with the Apple watch where you will be able to see many many swappable bands with square faces and bulging crowns.




This little teaser is probably meant to diminish Apple’s attempt at a new and unique presentation of its wearable. As  long as each device manages to draw in the public and get good reviews, they are good to go.

Source: AndroidPolice