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AOSP Android 6.0 Marshmallow early version available for Xperia Z2

AOSP Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now available for the Sony Xperia Z2 device. It is not free of troubles though, but if you are eager to try new things and are initiate in the magic of operating systems, you should be eager to try something experimental on your Sony device.


Xperia Z2



This first build brings about some bugs as well, including the camera not working and a defect in the video playback color calibration. The build itself comes from scstar6696, a senior dev on XDA, where you will find the complete tutorial to what you have to and what you MUST NOT do in order to get AOSP on your Xperia Z2. Happy flashing!


Source: XDA forum

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Paranoid Android 5.1update released, future updates to be less frequent

Paranoid Android 5.1 has finally arrived to select smartphones, but future updates will take even longer to get here. PA is one of the more popular custom ROMs out there, meaning many people will be happy to know that they can try a build based on the most recent AOSP version.


Paranoid Android



This version took some time to get baked, and this can only mean that future iterations will take just as much or even more time to come out. Some of the Paranoid Android contributors and team members moved to OnePlus and some fresh air needs to blow in order for new changes to be made faster. The project itself is already moved from a weekly release schedule to a “release when appropriate” timetable.


PA 5.1



Paranoid Android 5.1 is now available for the newer Nexus smartphones and tablets. The Nexus 10 did not make the list because the team members don’t have one to test on.

Source: Paranoid Android via Androidpolice


Android M Developer preview changelog shows up on AOSP – not final form

Android M Developer preview changelogs are already live and they already seem promising. Google released some of the source code in order to ensure GPL compliance.





The changelog measures around 4.7 MB and comprises 29,000 commits, some dating from as recent as one day before Google I/O. There is no clear official starting point of the changes and there may be differences between the preview firmware and the changelog, but things should be pretty much similar.

In case you are curious about Google and their most recent shenanigans, head over to the source link below to find some interesting jokes, details and secrets; there’s always something funny hidden in this type of thing.

Source: Changelog


Google’s Android M build to be named Macadamia Nut Cookie? – MNC spotted on AOSP

It appears that Google’s next Android version will be called Macadamia Nut Cookie! The official unveil could be made sometime this week at Google I/O (if Google will be more caring towards its fans) but it will likely still be named Android M for a while after. The internal name mentioned above was spotted in various places around the web, including the AOSP forums.


Googlers seem to be using it and there are mentions of it all over AOSP. We’re pretty sure it’s real, even though there is a slight chance that things can be changed. The codename is just a fun option either way as it can be changed at the official release.


There have been rumors related to Macadamia Nut Cookie (MNC) and it recently started appearing in AOSP as “mcn-dev”. Google previously used LMP for Lemon Meringue Pie and KLP for Key Lime Pie to denominate its operating systems in progress, but they never got to keep their name upon official launch. It is highly possible that the same will happen to LMC after launch.

Source: AndroidPolice

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Team Win Recovery Project support for Samsung Galaxy S6 official!

Team Win Recovery Project is now available for Samsung Galaxy S6, the phone to beat this year. Considering the fact that Samsung’s flagship is deemed the best phone of the year (at least so far), it will become the perfect medium for the modding world to work on. As a result, Team Win’s custom recovery destined to S6 is already available and you can download it from the source link below.


Samsung Galaxy S6


This build was already tested on the T Mobile version of Samsung’s S6 but it should work on all carrier and unlocked models too. A stable software TWRP build will allow users to do easy software backups and restorations as well as flashing ZIP files with no worries.

When the time comes and the first custom ROMs become available, they will be much easier to apply on Galaxy S6. The new Exynos chips from S6 and S6 Edge may require more time for AOSP builds and custom kernels to develop enough to be usable for daily actions.

Source: TWRP via AndroidPolice, TWRP download link

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OnePlus saves face with the launch of Oxygen OS

OnePlus finally managed to bring OxygenOS to life a few days ago, and it appears to be a pretty stable OS version that the company can use, especially after the struggle they have been through after the fallout with Cyanogen. Oxygen is a custom ROM based off of Android 5.0.2 and some people from Paranoid Android ROM had some input in its labor. The launch was supposed to happen at the end of March, but it got delayed for a few days.




Most details are similar to a pure Android version, with a few tweaks here and there concerning gestures activated when the screen is off and some user customization applicable from the Quick Settings menu. OnePlus devices run on CyanogenMod 11S at the moment, and to change to OxygenOS you will have to manually flash the new ROM.



Most OnePlus owners are still upset because the Cyanogen aspect of the device was one of the best-selling points of these devices altogether and now that that is gone many questions still remain. The One is still behind some LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola devices.

Source: OnePlus via AndroidPolice