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Android One update to Android 6.0 ZIPs are here!

The Android One updates to Android 6.0 are here! Google is very fast when it comes to updating devices that run on standard or semi-standard versions of Android, and the One devices are as close to that definition as anything. The devices were created by Google in partnership with various manufacturers existent in emerging markets. Some of these devices are getting OTAs with Marshmallow as we speak, and you can find the affected smartphone list below.


Android One



Android one smartphones getting OTA to Android 6.0 Marshmallow:


If you have one of the Android One devices mentioned above, you can already enjoy the fresh-baked Android 6.0 build, and of course you can bask in the glory of the most recent operating system from Android way before almost everyone else gets it.


Source: AndroidPolice

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Android One devices get Android 6.0 OTA just after Nexus devices

Android 6.0 update rolls to Android One devices today! After the release of the factory images and OTA updates, Google decided to go on with their update schedule and the next devices on the list following the Nexus smartphones are the Android One devices. It seems that Google is keeping to their word when it comes to these cheap and affordable smartphones – as they promised not long ago that they would update them efficiently and in time.


Android One


The OTA is already hitting devices in the Philippines and in India:

  • Micromax Canvas A1
  • Spice Dream UNO
  • Karbon Sparkle V.


You can also flash the update to your device if you don’t want to wait for the automatic update. There is no news regarding other countries’ Android One devices, but everyone should get ready because Google seems to be moving fast with the Marshmallows!


Source: AndroidPolice

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Android 5.1 updates Bluetooth and WiFi settings

The Android 5.1 update is upon us – well, at least for the Android One areas for now – and it has been officially confirmed. Among the changes you will find in this update is the tweaked behavior of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings toggles/ widgets from the Lollipop quick Settings and now users can connect to devices or networks without having to go into full-page settings.




When a user switches to the quick settings menu, they can toggle the Bluetooth or Wi Fi on by tapping the icons or they can tap the word “Bluetooth” or Wi Fi” instead of going to their menu pages.

In this update, the Bluetooth and Wi Fi text will have a small arrow pointing down, the arrow indicating expandable functionality. When the user touches the text they will open a small list of the closest Bluetooth and Wi Fi networks and they will be able to make connections without leaving their current apps. In case they need to go to the full settings menu they can tap on the “more settings” icon or hit done.

Even if this not a big change, it will help people who constantly change WiFi networks.

Source: AndroidPolice

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Google revealed Android 5.1 on Android One devices in Asia

Google quietly revealed the Android 5.1. update by bringing it to the Android One, its cohesive platform for developing markets. Prior to this update, the most recent version of Android available was 5.0.2 and it mostly reached Nexus tablets and smartphones.





Google is not saying what actual changes are being made but among the reported changes are an improved battery, restoration of a true silent mode that was missing in the first Android 5.0 update, better RAM management and updated Material Design with an updated color choice. Android Police reports suggest that the update is already rolling out in some Android One markets (Indonesia is first).

Source: The Verge

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CyanogenMod nightlies for Nexus 6, LG G3 international, AT&T’s LG G3 and Android One devices

Android One builds now have CyanogenMod support. The international LG G3 (D855) version and Nexus 6 are getting their nightlies today, and T Mobile’s LG G3 is getting in on it too! The Android One devices are the same as any, but they share one ROM under the codename ”sprout”.


Android phones


Android One builds passed the experimental stage and turned to nightlies at the moment, but you will find some unofficial builds on XDA Developers too.

Nexus 6 receives its first official support from CyanogenMod, considering it released with Android Lollipop. Nexus 5 also got support for CyanogenMod 12 today.

LG G3 D855 is receiving its first support today as well. The international model is accompanied by the D850 model sold by AT&T that recently got its first official builds as well.

At the time, these devices are running on CyanogenMod 11, as there is no ETA on the Lollipop builds. to download the nightlies, head over to the following links:

Sprout (Android One devices)

LG G3 D851

LG G3 D855


Source: AndroidPolice


The Android One phone series expands to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

The Android One phone line is spreading its wings all over Asia and now it is reaching Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. In a few weeks the citizens of these states will be able to buy a cheaper phone with working Android capacities too. There is no clear set date yet, but the rollout will come in a few weeks.


Android One phones


Android One is the platform destined for providing emerging markets with affordable phones where manufacturers are limited in their ability of modifying stock Android and Google takes care of all the security aspects. This way, more people will be getting access to high-quality affordable Android phones.

Symphony, a smartphone maker from Bangladesh, will be making Roar A50 as part of the Android One experience, and other manufacturers such as Karbonn, Micromax and Spice will be producing Android One devices for the new regions as well.

Source: Android Police