Android L emulator image for Intel x86 architecture available

Android L is closer to release than ever and now we even have access to a 64-bit emulator image destined to Intel’s x86 architecture. The Native Developer Kit (NDK) is now updated to revision 10b and developers can start getting their apps ready for devices that roll on Intel’s 64-bit chips. Recently, Intel has been […]

Android L (Lemon Meringue Pie) spotted in Chromium issue tracker tests

A recent Android L build was freshly seen on Chromium issue tracker and it seems it has new status icons and tweaked navigation features. The UI seems more refined, especially in the Bluetooth settings screen. Some of the visual changes in Android L are the status and navigation bars which look more solid and bold. […]

Android L new fixes – tethering and protocol fixes to be available in the next public release

Google is trying to release the most stable Android version yet, and L just seems to be that thanks to the early access given to third party developers and enthusiasts who work day and night to find and fix all sorts of bugs. Issues seem to be reported each day and, two weeks after the […]

Nexus 6 – the master phablet – what to expect from Google’s newest smartphone

It seems that the much rumored Nexus 6 is closer to becoming exposed than ever. AndroidPolice says they have new information regarding the Google device, information that confirms recent rumors and leaks. The newest Google smartphone will have a 5.9” screen as previously stated, and, if we take the information we have for granted it […]

Project ARA to use modified Android L version allowing hot-swapping modules on the go

Project ARA is making progress and its next step seems to be using a modified version of Android L which supports hot-swapping all modules except for the Screen and CPU ones. Google is trying to make the impossible possible and does not give its LEGO smartphone project go away. New details were released recently by […]

Nexus 9 confirmed – possible official announcement on October 16

Nexus 9 is closer to reality than ever and, even if we don’t know exactly when it will launch yet, we do know that the newest Google tablet is made by HTC! The device could be revealed on October 16th, but that’s only speculation so far; the fact is that the device is confirmed by […]