Blackberry gives US users access to Amazon Appstore through its most recent update

Blackberry users from the USA behold: you are just about to get Amazon Appstore access with your next update. The OTA is rolling out right now and it appears that the company is finally figuring out how to get back in the game with the likes of Apple and Android smartphones.




The update brings phones to version 10.3.2, and the first to receive it is Blackberry Classic found on T Mobile and Verizon, and it is followed by Q10 and Z10 from AT&T. Other versions will get the update soon and it appears that the change will come to all the remaining line 10 devices: Z3, Z30, Leap, Passport and Q5.

This is not the only change coming with v10.3.2, but it is the most important feature to see the light of day. This gives users access to hundreds of thousands of Android apps and a true Android experience to top it all off. This update finally comes to the US after already being out there on other Blackberry devices for the global market.

Source: Blackberry

Apps Deals News

[Deal of the day] Amazon free apps and games bundle available on the Appstore now!

Apps, Free apps, get them while they’re hot! Amazon is at it again with a new bundle of expensive apps turned into free purchases for a few days. Head over to the Appstore until April 19th to get your free apps and games before you have to pay real money for them (like $105 for all of them). You’ll get some nice and interesting options to choose from or, if you just want them all, press ALL the buttons!




Available games:


Fun English Course

Adventure Time Game Wizard

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Puddling Monsters Hd

F18 Carrier Landing

Chess And Mate

Osmos Hd

Prince Of Persia Classic

Plants Vs Zombies

Table Top Racing.


Available Apps:

Runtastic PRO GPS

Wolfram Alpha

Oxford Spanish Dictionary

Mobile Doc Scanner


RDP Pro Client:Ardp

A Better Camera Unlocked


Splashtop Whiteboard

Citi Maps2go Pro

Flightradar24 Pro

Songster Guitar

Meteo Earth.

If any of the titles above is interesting to you hop over to Amazon straight from the source link below and choose your mobile poison. Remember though, this deal only lasts until April 19th. 

Source: Amazon Appstore

Apps Deals News

[Deal of the day] Amazon Appstore is 4 years old today and celebrates with free apps and games bundle worth $105 and a draw

Amazon Appstore is 4 years old today and the occasion begs for some presents, right? Well, Amazon being the good guys they are offering more apps for free that you would be spending a ton of money on if it weren’t their birthday. If you don’t already own one or more of the games and apps below, go ahead and pay the Appstore a visit, it’s only one click away.


The bundle gives the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 and if you download you receive $1 in credit you can buy a nice song with for example. That’s not all as if you download at least one game you enter a draw and you could just win $25,000 as a reward. The bundle lasts until March 21st and all these free apps value $105, so they’re not exactly cheap either.


  • Atomus HD – $2.00
  • Element of Photography Pro – $3.50
  • EasyTether – $9.99
  • Servers Ultimate Pro – $8.99
  • Repix – Full Version – $1.99
  • Business Calendar – $4.99
  • NeoCal Advanced Calculator – $9.99
  • Amelia and Terror of the Night – Story Book for Kids- $1.58
  • Reading Trainer – $2.99
  • HanDBase Database Manager – $9.99
  • G-Stomper Studio – $9.95
  • OpenDocument Reader – $3.92
  • FolderSync – $2.87
  • Cross DJ Pro – $9.99


  • Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – $2.99
  • Cut the Rope – $0.99
  • SUPER WHY! – $2.99
  • World of Goo – $4.99
  • Alphabet Aquarium Vol. 1 – $1.99
  • Kingdom Rush Origins – $0.99
  • Ruzzle – $1.99
  • The Hidden World – $0.99
  • Unpossible – $1.99
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon – $2.99
  • SimplePlanes – $4.99
  • Monkey Preschool Explorers – $2.99
  • Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek – $2.99
  • Bank Escape Pro – $0.99
  • Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer – $2.99
  • Chimpact 2 Family Tree – $1.99
  • Adventure Beyond Time – $0.99
  • Pumped BMX 2 – $2.99
  • Slingshot Racing – $0.99
  • Deep Under the Sky – $2.99

Source: Amazon Appstore

Games News

Hearthstone – Blizzard’s TCG game available on Android tablets

Hearthstone has gone live on mobile devices! Blizzard’s enjoyable ETCG is available for Android tablets all over the world and it appears that a phone version will be launched sometime next year.


When they finish their first game players get a free pack of cards, just like the iOS players. Considering that the game is powered by, it’s safe to assume that there will be some cross-platforming involved.


You can get the app from the Google Play Store or the Amazon Appstore where you will find it for free.




Hearthstone is considered one of the best free to play trading card games around, and you don’t even have to pay a penny, unless you desperately want an unbeatable pack of cards. Of course, if you want the content packs you have to pay for them, and at the moment you can get the Naxxramas pack with $25, where you will be allowed to play different scenarios and get impressive cards while you’re at it. Give it a shot below!


[googleplay url=””]

Apps Deals

Amazon Appstore weekend deals – 27 games and apps worth $135 free for the weekend!

Amazon Appstore is giving free versions of its favorite apps again! This time we’re talking about 27 games and useful apps worth $135 you can redeem until 12pm IST September 27th. 

In order to get your favorite games and apps for free, all you have to do is get the Amazon Appstore HERE and install it on your mobile device and then browse this weekend’s deals. You can also follow THIS LINK and you can enter your Amazon account in order to redeem the apps directly from your PC or laptop. 


Among the paid apps you can enjoy for free you will find 

  • OfficeSuite Professional 7
  • Swype Keyboard
  • Merriam-Webster’s Third New International Pro
  • mSecure  – password manager and secure digital wallet
  • City Maps 2Go Pro
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II
  • Another World
  • Riptide GP2
  • Abyss: the wraiths of Eden
  • My Diet Coach Pro
  • Paper Camera
  • Relax Melodies Premium.

Happy deal hunting!


Source: Amazon

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Apps Deals

Amazon temporary free app bundle includes $100 worth of Android apps

Amazon is pushing a new list of free apps for a limited time on its Appstore! Considering the fact that this promotion will not last through the weekend, you should head out to Amazon Appstore a.s.a.p. to get the apps you like but never had the money to buy! This promotion includes 30 apps reduced to free purchase for a limited time, and combined they have a value of $100.

Not all apps are software you must have, but some deserve to be taken into consideration. You can find some fun games and tools you can try out before the promotion is over. Some of the free apps include:

My Alarm Clock

Bills Reminder

WiFi File Explorer Pro

Essential Anatomy 3

MathsApp Graphing Calculator

Sonic &SEGA All-Stars Racing


People from around the world get basically the same free app bundle, with a few exceptions. Considering that temporary free promotions have become a thing over at Amazon Appstore and on iTunes, it is a pity that Google Playstore does not let its users get free apps for a limited time as well. These deals have a limited time, so hurry up and get those apps you wanted on the Amazon Appstore now!

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