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[How To’s] Android M Preview 2 for Nexus Devices

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Google I/O 2015 has come and gone, and it brought many cool bits of news for us. One of the ones that caught my fancy was the Android M preview releases. I happen to have an Android Nexus 5 device handy and wanted to try M preview 2 which was recently released. If you don’t mind having your data wiped (possible to avoid at your own risk) you too can join the ranks of Android M users, who number in the many DOZENS!

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!!! Warning, everything mentioned here is experimental; perform any steps here on your own conscience. Android Bakers, Google, XDA, and Abakers staff are not responsible for any issues you may run into or your phone dying/bricking/planking or your dog running off with your prized possessions. !!!

First and foremost here are the prereqs :

Installing the Android M Preview

  • connect your phone to your computer and make sure USB debugging is enabled from developer menu in settings.
    • hopefully you installed ADB and fastboot systemwide.
  • extract the archive you downloaded above for your device.
  • move to the extracted folder
  • open a terminal in the folder
    • Linux: open a terminal and cd to wherever you extracted the files.
    • Windows: make sure no icons are selected, hold down shift and right click in the window, click on open command prompt here
  • Boot your device into the boot loader by typing the following
    • adb reboot-bootloader
  • Run the batch / shell script
    • Windows: flash-all.bat
    • Linux:

If you want to save your data on this device and still try out Android M preview 2

  • open up the flash-all.bat or .sh (Windows or Linux respectively) find the line that looks like :
    • fastboot -w update
  • edit it and remove the -w so it looks like
    • fastboot update
  • This is completely untested by me, so good luck.



  • failed to allocate 1046840576 bytes
    error: update package missing system.img
    • extract the .zip file in the directory e.g.
    • cd to directory ( cd image-hammerhead-MPZ79M )
    • run the following commands via cmd or terminal
      • fastboot flash system system.img
      • fastboot flash boot boot.img
      • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
      • fastboot flash cache cache.img
    • if you want to wipe completely, also run
      • fastboot erase userdata
      • fastboot flash userdata userdata.img

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