Ubuntu & Bash tutorial & basic utilities

An introduction to the CLI (Command Line Interface) and Bash on Ubuntu Linux aka a bash tutorial The default shell that is installed on Ubuntu Linux is bash. Alternatives exist, but they’re beyond the scope of this tutorial (check our post here for more info on how to isntall a better alternative to bash called Zshell… Continue reading Ubuntu & Bash tutorial & basic utilities

Why you should switch to ZShell ( zsh )

Why use ZShell It has some amazing features, but right out of the gate in no particular order: Context based tab completion that puts most others out there to shame. Shared history among tabs. Dynamic Load modules Spelling correction that out performs most others out there. Globbing that works on magic. I am positive of… Continue reading Why you should switch to ZShell ( zsh )

Alsa CLI Volume control

I couldn’t find the silly volume control in the system settings one day so I figured there had to be something I could use to control volume settings like mic boost without needing a GUI or remembering names and numbers for the CLI. well there is and it’s so easy a caveman could do it… Continue reading Alsa CLI Volume control

Cyanogenmod Gapps error with SetupWizard

I saw that CM13 is out and it brings Android 6.0.1 (r17) goodies such as the battery saving ‘doze’ functionality and new permissions model, alongside the usual set of CM features. I have an HTC m8 sitting around which I figure was due for a custom rom right about now, so I downloaded and install… Continue reading Cyanogenmod Gapps error with SetupWizard

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