Understanding the Mogrify Tool in Linux: A Guide to Image Manipulation

This article explores the powerful mogrify tool in Linux, focusing on the example command and its various options. From resizing and compressing images to applying filters and optimizing formats, mogrify offers a wide range of capabilities. The article provides a step-by-step breakdown of each parameter and its impact on the final output, giving readers a thorough understanding of how to utilize mogrify for image manipulation tasks.

Create Thumbnails from a bunch of images

Linux Code snippet. Ever wated to batch create thumbnails? “musclecarr” posted this bash script to create thumbnails of all images of a specific type. It uses imagemagick and specifically the convert command. minor modifications done to it and comments added for easy understanding, here it is : #!/bin/bash # take argument or use current dir… Continue reading Create Thumbnails from a bunch of images

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