Linux Bash Tips and Tricks pt1

Bash is a powerful command-line shell that can be used to perform a wide range of tasks, from managing files and directories to automating system administration. By learning a few simple tips and tricks, you can significantly boost your productivity and efficiency when using Bash.

Nginx ProxMox Proxy using Letsencrypt SSL cert

Why use a nginx proxmox proxy using letsencrypt ssl? 1st: why not? 2nd: Load balancing! Nginx is built to handle many concurrent connections at the same time from multitude of clients. This makes it ideal for being the point-of-contact for said clients. The server can pass requests to any number of backend servers to handle the… Continue reading Nginx ProxMox Proxy using Letsencrypt SSL cert

Ubuntu & Bash tutorial & basic utilities

An introduction to the CLI (Command Line Interface) and Bash on Ubuntu Linux aka a bash tutorial The default shell that is installed on Ubuntu Linux is bash. Alternatives exist, but they’re beyond the scope of this tutorial (check our post here for more info on how to isntall a better alternative to bash called Zshell… Continue reading Ubuntu & Bash tutorial & basic utilities

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