Ed25519 ssh keys

What are Ed25519 ssh keys? Ed25519 SSH keys are a type of public-key cryptography used for secure communication over a network. They are based on the Ed25519 elliptic curve algorithm, which is a variant of the elliptic curve algorithm used for digital signatures. The Ed25519 algorithm was designed to be faster and more secure than… Continue reading Ed25519 ssh keys

Install a php script in PHP-FPM & Caddy via Docker

Install docker Either regular docker install or rootless. Create a new directory Create a new directory where you will store your Docker Compose file and PHP/html etc files. For example, you can create a directory called “phpapp” in your home directory: write a docker compose file paste the below code in a new file called… Continue reading Install a php script in PHP-FPM & Caddy via Docker

Geforce now errors on Tmobile home internet

Recently I got Tmobile home internet to replace my Optimum cable internet. It was working fine but for the past few days, I keep getting errors when trying to play any games. Error 0x000009D The first error I got was 0x000009D whenever launching a game. I haven’t found a fix for this one, but using… Continue reading Geforce now errors on Tmobile home internet

Install Caddy reverse proxy via Docker

Why caddy? These are just some of Caddy’s amazing features! Install Docker and Docker Compose if you haven’t already. View our docker guide here & our docker rootless guide here. Scenario: you have a new app you wrote or installed via docker called mycoolapp you want to allow the outside world to connect to this… Continue reading Install Caddy reverse proxy via Docker

How to install Docker rootless

Rootless Docker allows you to run Docker containers without requiring root access, improving security and compliance, simplifying management, and enhancing portability. Running Docker as a regular user reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities and enables compliance with policies. Rootless Docker is also easier to integrate into workflows and makes it simpler to move containers between different environments.

Install docker on Ubuntu/Debian

Bukit Merah, Singapore. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Docker is a popular platform for creating, deploying, and managing applications in containers. Containers provide a lightweight and portable way to package applications with their dependencies, making it easier to move them between environments and ensuring consistency across different platforms. Docker simplifies the process of building, shipping, and running applications, making it easier to develop, test, and deploy software in a fast and efficient way. It is widely used by developers, IT professionals, and organizations of all sizes to improve the efficiency, scalability, and portability of their applications.

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