Find out whats taking up all the hdd space

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Running out of HDD space is pretty annoying. So if you are running out of space and need to find out what’s taking up all that space type the following command to find out more :

du -h / |grep '[0-9]G'

this will give you feedback somewhat like the following.

$ du -h / |grep '[0-9]G'
1.4G    /usr/lib
2.2G    /usr
1.8G    /opt/docker/gsfvd
3.2G    /opt/docker/dbhty
3.2G    /opt/docker/wvsfd
1.7G    /opt/docker/vbdf
1.4G    /opt/docker/dfbgh
2.2G    /opt/docker/www/dbfhg
2.9G    /opt/docker/www/casd

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