Alsa CLI Volume control

Alsa CLI Volume control


I couldn’t find the silly volume control in the system settings one day so I figured there had to be something I could use to control volume settings like mic boost without needing a GUI or remembering names and numbers for the CLI. well there is and it’s so easy a caveman could do it (hah remember those ads….)…. so without further ado here’s a fun and great way to control your volume via Alsa CLI Volume control.

type the following then use your arrows to move right/left and make the volume higher or lower by using the up/down keys:

alsamixer -c 0

the 0 at the end is the number of your device. if a system only has one device you will use 0. if you have two devices you can use 0 or 1. it tells you the name of the device currently being edited so you don’t give yourself a heart attack by changing the wrong volume. picture of the control is attached.

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