Xperia Z3 tablet gets Cyanogen Mod support; DROID Maxx gets new nightlies


The Xperia Z3 tablet is getting official CyanogenMod support starting today. In order to get it, all you have to do is get over to CyanogenMod and find scorpion_windy.


Cyanogen files


Apart from the new support, DROID MAXX users can be happy to know that nightlies for obake are being worked on again. They will find two new files available for download as well. Last September CyanogenMod announced that they no longer have a maintainer, but it seems that that issue has been resolved now.

The current nightlies are stable, but they may also cause problems for some devices, which means flashing is a choice only you can make, fully knowing you may damage your device in the process.

Source: CyanogenMod

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