After yesterday’s mini-updates, Sony continues to bring its older devices up to date with the Xperia XL, Xperia Z LTE, Xperia ZR LTE and the Xperia Tablet Z that get the Android 5.0 update. These 2013-born devices are getting their fair share of Lollipop via a consistent OTA update that may take some time before getting to all and every one of them.


Xperia Z, ZL


Considering the wide range of devices available, the updates are going out to all countries that have and sell them at once. You should remember that all root level mods may cause problems for the OTA update and, after you update to Lollipop, all future updates will fail if you modify the system in any way.

Sony seems to want to keep their word when it comes to upgrading all Xperia Z line devices to Android 5.0, unlike other manufacturers (like HTC) who chose to cut updates to devices younger than a year old. Tough luck for some!

Source: Xperiablog