WeTransfer – the app that lets you transfer up to 10 GB of data without an account

WeTransfer is a new app that can help humans with their new desire of transferring information and data from one device to the other. The app lets users share files of up to 10 GB without the need of setting up an account for it. It is free software that, once installed in your device, it makes transferring your favorite videos, photos or documents – and, why not apps – easy!

On each transfer, the user is asked for his/her email address and the recipient’s email along with a small note. The service is hidden in the Android share menu where the user can easily find it and it surfaces when it is needed.

It has a nice presentation and, during the upload of a certain file, it brings up different backgrounds that keep you entertained. The user doesn’t have to register but if he/she wants to store and track his/her downloads, he/she can build a Plus account for $120 a year. Check it out below. 

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