Wearable Widgets update – make your favorite apps watch face for your smartwatch


The newest Wearable Widgets update brings with it some neat new options at a few expenses as well. After the first Wear devices became available to the audience, the app got an update which includes setting widgets as your watch face at all times in addition to mirroring widgets from the phone.

The Wearable Widgets is using a workaround as it does not have an official API, which means some elements of the widgets can be in the way of their proper functionality. After the user selects the Wearable Widgets app he will have to select it from the watch face list and he can set his desired widget as said face. The app works pretty well but the downfall is that the battery gets drained much faster because it refreshes the widget once every minute by using the Bluetooth connection with the phone.

Wearable Widgets is free on Google Playstore but purchasing more apps compatible with it may cost you a few $$$. 

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