Wear Audio Recorder – record your thoughts on the go on Android Wear devices

Wear Audio Recorder is a new app destined for Android Wear devices. This audio recorder lets you use your microphone to immortalize all of your thoughts, mumblings and ideas at any time. It lets you record notes directly from the watch into files that will be sent to your phone afterwards.

All you need to do to make a new voice note is open the app on your Android Wear. After you finish recording, you will see a card on your stream and it will let you know the file was sent to your phone. The card can be opened on your phone and listened to. Current Android Wear devices have no speakers, so playback functionality would be rendered useless.

The recorded files are compressed WAVs, therefore you will have to be careful how much you record; they will take some space. The audio quality is decent, a little quiet for some, but it could depend on the position of the mic at the moment of the recording. Wear Audio Recorder is a free app found on the Google Play Store.

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