Wear-a-Tron – a new free app on Google Play Store

Wear-a-Tron is a new free app made via a crowd-founded event and resulting in a smart door lock that lets users control their door locks via smartphone. That is not all, as the new Wear device can be included in the mix as well! Now the app can activate the unlocking function of the Lockitron with the help of a Wear extension.

The Lockitron app allows the user to log into his or her company server and choose which lock to access in order for it to be controlled via NFC, WiFi or Bluetooth. It uses the app API to send an unlock code from the user’s phone to the desired lock. The Wear-a-Tron allows users to give limited guest passes to friends so that they can unlock a specific door with their own phones. Some new and interesting features are being worked on at the moment, one being a geofence that activates the app when the user is getting close to his or her front door.

Wear-a-Tron is available for free on Google Playstore and you can check more about it below!

[pb-app-box pname=’com.thisisnotajoke.wearatron’ name=’Wear-a-tron’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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