Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 gets small OTA update fixing power crash issues


Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 is getting a small OTA update in order to fix some power cycle issues, among other things. In case your S4 has been rebooting on its own, you should look for the update already, as Verizon already worked on fixing this issue. The device is not getting Lollipop, but it is fixing the unexpected crashing sessions you have been bugged about lately.


The other change coming with the OTA is the VPN connectivity fix. It appears that Verizon has been working on its S4s for a while now, as more than one small OTAs have been rolling out already. Before flashing the KOT49H.I54VRUFNK1 software version you should remember that any modification to the system or its recovery will be leading to a flash error, and if you already have root on your device, you may lose it post-update.


Source: Verizon Support

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