Verizon’s Motorola Droid Turbo OTA update – not Lollipop, just minor fixes and VoLTE


Droid Turbo is getting an update, and before you jump up with joy over you getting Lollipop, you have to know you’re only getting minor fixes and Advanced Calling 1.0 support. Verizon is finally pushing an OTA for the Turbo and it adds the famous or infamous VoLTE implementation to the device.


The changelog for the v 21.44.8 update is as follows:

  • Email attached moved to top for easy viewing

  • Device prepared for the new Advanced Calling 1.0 feature (allows you to use Voice and Data simultaneously)

  • Security updates

  • Device stability fixes.


Don’t forget that Verizon is calling the Turbo Droid DNA on its official pages, which is kind of amusing. You should also know that the update is merely “preparing” your device for the Advanced Calling change, as after the rollout is completed, the feature will be activated server-wise.


Source: Verizon

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