Ubuntu-powered tablet coming from Spain to launch soon

We can finally talk about an Ubuntu-powered tablet entering the market. The Canonical software developer has finally started to talk about the device, which will be a modified existing tablet from Spanish manufacturer BQ. The Aquaris M10 tablet will be modified to become the first piece of consumer Ubuntu hardware to become a PC when you connect a mouse, keyboard and display to it.




Under the chassis, things will remain the same, including the 10.1-inch display and the quad-core MediaTek MT8163A chipset. This is not the first attempt at a melange between an Android device and Ubuntu. Canonical released an Ubuntu installer for the Nexus 7 a few years back, and Nexus 10 enjoyed a preview version of Ubuntu Touch.


The Ubuntu interface will transform into a desktop view once the peripherals are connected to the tablet and this shift will make it easier for the user to multitask, or run desktop and mobile apps. Users can add more software via the platform app store, where a lot of work will have to be done to make an Ubuntu mobile device relevant on the market.


Source: Endgadget


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