Twitter rolls out DM for Groups and Built-in Video capture and editing features


Twitter is rolling out two new features, specifically Group DMs and Built-in Video Capture and editing. The group direct messaging allows up to 20 people to talk to each other at the same time in a conference-like setting. You can use emojis and even share Tweets with your closest friends.




The direct messaging feature also allows people to start conversations with their followers even if they do not know each other. The messages in threads are available to all participants exclusively.

The video recording feature allows users to add videos on a Twitter app via a basic experience. The capture button is used to record clips by pressing and holding it. The time limit is 30 seconds and they can be later arranged or removed via the editing interface. Videos can later be shared to the user’s timeline with thumbnail previews similar to Vine videos.

The features will rollout these coming weeks.


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