Total Commander just got updated today, and it became just a little bit less ugly than it used to be. The desktop file manager we all love has a mobile version as well, and, even if it wasn’t pretty, it did its job. Not it also got a nice makeover.


Total commander


Version 2.6 is making an effort it bringing things to the Material side. It is far from becoming a good looking device, but it’s on its way there. The app has an overall dark UI and below you can see the entire changelog:

  • Android 5: write to external SD-Card without root
  • New material design icons on Android 5 (configurable, also on older versions)
  • Larger default space between icons and file names (configurable)
  • Option to hide status bar also on phones with Android 4 or newer
  • Show all user buttons in grayscale when using new button style
  • Load JPG thumbnails from EXIF data (faster)
  • Create new folder in “Save as” dialog
  • Media Player notification: Small “x” button to close player



The Play Store still shows the old screenshots, but you can install or update to see Total Commander in all of its new and improved splendor.

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