The Secret app shutting down in a few weeks – out of the Google Store already


The Secret app is shutting down a few months after attempting to get back on top. This piece of software is in fact an anonymous sharing app and it has been having some terrible press lately, which may have contributed to hitting the last nail in its coffin. Co-founder David Byttow announced that, instead of trying to figure out what secret is, he realized it does not represent what he envisioned when he started the company, so moving away from it seems like the most obvious solution.




Secret became sort-of famous because it made saying things in an anonymous way to your friends possible. The only thing you can know about a post on your newsfeed on Secret is that someone you know said it. This led to some terrible situations because people are people and they love to be awful people to each other about it.

The app launched in 2014 when the focus what on groups and chat posting, but things escalated quickly. The app has become infamous because of people using it and its popularity has decreased considerably. Most of the $35 million venture capital is still owned by the company, and it seems that the money will be returned rather than used in an attempt to revamp the app.

Secret can no longer be found in the Google Play Store.

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