The Rumor mill: Samsung may be working on a circular smartwatch of its own

Motorola and LG are not the only manufacturers ready to launch a circular-design smartwatch in the near future. Samsung is said to be thinking about the same thing and Gear 2 Solo, the SIM-enabled device ready by the South-Koreans may make an appearance at next week’s Unpacked event as a precursor to a yet unknown Gear model that is reportedly being developed as we speak.

SamMobile reports that the newest Gear device is circular, but a launch date is unknown at the moment. The operating system it will support is also unknown, but the reality of a circular Samsung smartwatch is not a surprise.

This year’s most anticipated device is Moto 360 and this is mostly due to its deferential design and premium materials. In case the device proves to be a real success, Samsung may consider bringing its own circular smartwatch to light sooner than expected. 

Source: SamMobile

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