[The rumor mill] Google to launch two Nexus smartphones this year – LG Bullhead and Huawei Angler – no news on a new flagship tablet

The rumor mill has it that Google will not launch a Nexus tablet this year and that the next devices for the line will be an LG smartphone and a Huawei phablet. After the Android Silver program crashed and burned before actually coming to fruition, Google redressed themselves with Nexus 6, one of the more expensive and huge smartphones they have ever made. It appears that the Nexus program is in full shape and running better than ever- so much better in fact that two new phones may come out this year. No news on a tablet though.


Nexus logo


No official news has been announced yet so take all of this with a grain (or two) of salt. The following specs are just tentative ones, but if the devices are really in production, they must be updated and sorted out already.

The LG Bullhead (*keeping up with sea code names) is supposed to have a 5.2” display powered by a 2700 mAh battery. There is no news on the ARM chip or storage capacity but rumor has it that LG is thinking about a Snapdragon 808 ( a hexa-core used in LG G4).

Huawei Angler, the slightly larger smartphone/phablet would have a 5.7” screen and it should be running on a Snapdragon 810. The battery capacity is said to be 3500 mAh.

Both Nexus devices should make an appearance around October, be it in this (rumored) shape or another. This information dates back from April, as AndroidPolice sources say, and it appears that Nexus 9 will remain a flagship tablet for another year.

Source: AndroidPolice

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