[The rumor mill] Amazon planning to launch cheap Kindle tablet

Amazon just wants to see the world burn. We can’t find any other explanation to their continuous attempt at creating and selling cheap devices that the competition will not match. This way they manage to sell more devices and steadily increase their brand power too. Even if they kind of blew it with the Amazon Fire phone, the same cannot be said for the Kindle tablet, which is why new line devices are being prepared for us as we speak.


Amazon Fire tablet


Prepare for Amazon greatness!

This holiday you could be making a $50 gift in the shape of a tablet. The current Kindle Fire HD 6 costs $99, but it could decrease to $50. Or it could be a completely new device being teased, we’re working with rumors here, folks!

The current Fire devices are:

Which one of these devices would you like to have at a fraction of the price? Are you willing to cut back on screen size, PPI or performance to get a $50 tablet? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Phandroid

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