The OnePlus DR-1 drone is an April Fools’ joke but you can still buy it if you want!

The OnePlus DR-1 drone was supposed to be OnePlus’ game changer device for 2015, but it appears it was all just a timely ruse. The DR-1 drone is an April fool’s joke but on the upside, it can be bought from the company itself.


one plus


The promotional website lacks in customer-friendly details, but the Never Settle logo actually manages to promote the fake drone as a Da Vinci flying machine. It all looks like a good promo though, even better than other OnePlus devices.


oneplus drone


It appears that the drones without a camera will be sold in a small amount and they are actually a previously sold quadcopter painted in red and white with the OnePlus logo on it or maybe a different generic toy.

OnePlus dron


The model you can find on Amazon has a $30 price tag. The real #Game Changer announcement is still ongoing and it will be made sometime this month.

Source: OnePlus

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