Telegram encrypted messaging app updated with material design and security features

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Telegram app just received an update to v.2.0 and it presents a new material design, and account self-destruct, among other new features. The app is a secure messaging platform that encrypts messages from end-to-end.


Telegram app



In the full changelog you can see the updates Telegram got:

  • Material design
  • Cloud search for messages
  • It sets a period of inactivity after which your account will self-destruct
  • It determines who can see your Last seen time.


Telegram messaging



The user interface is probably Telegram’s more important change, at least visually speaking, and on a side note, the automatic self-destruct you can flexibly set is a great addition. The feature lets you set a certain period of time when, if there is no activity; your entire account will be permanently deleted.  


The app is free to use and its creators say they will never use ads to make money. You can give it a shot in the Google Play Store by accessing it through the widget below.

[googleplay url=””]

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