Talon, one of the first Twitter apps out there to reach the material redesign trail, is updated to v3.0. This brings about a new line of tweaks and features, mostly UI-related. Some new settings allow you to customize some aspects of the interface as well.

Here is the official changelog:

  • NEW: User profile layout

  • NEW: Transition animations from timeline to tweet viewer (Android 5.0+)

  • NEW: Material Design login/setup layout

  • NEW: Select font type from UI settings

  • NEW: Swipe horizontally to close tweet and profile viewers

  • NEW: Don’t display twitter image or quoted tweet links anymore

  • NEW: Notification of quoted tweets when using talon pull

  • NEW: Option to disable Talon Pull notification. Read disclaimer on setting. Use extreme caution.

  • NEW: Mute options on your own profile

  • IMPROVE: Popup sizes

  • IMPROVE: Popup layout animations

  • IMPROVE: Search bar simplicity

  • IMPROVE: Settings style

  • IMPROVE: Settings options

  • IMPROVE: Quoting tweets

  • IMPROVE: Expansion height

  • IMPROVE: Animations

  • IMPROVE: Some tablet layouts

  • IMPROVE: Fluidity of some transitions

  • IMPROVE: Now officially “Designed for Tablets” on Play Store

  • IMRPOVE: Now officially “Designed for Android Wear” on Play Store

  • IMPROVE: Play store listing

  • IMPROVE: Added a few more helpful tips throughout the app

  • FIX: Issue with both video and thumbnail showing on tweet viewer

  • FIX: Mixed up profile pictures when replying from second account

  • FIX: Compose screen bugs

  • FIX: Drawer allowing you to interact with the list behind it in some cases

  • FIX: Crash reports


Developer: Luke Klinker
Price: $2.99+

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