Google Play Games gets gameplay recording feature

Google Play Games is one of the best and most popular apps on the store with well over 1 billion downloads. Now the app got an update with something really interesting: you will be able to record gameplays on your mobile device!       What this update allows you to do is record your […]

YouTube Gaming launches tomorrow! Twitch’s competitor goes live

YouTube Gaming is getting launched in just a few hours. Google has been testing its newest service for months now and it appears that it is keeping its word of launching it sometime in 2015. This is supposed to be a Twitch competitor after all. All regions that have access to YouTube will have access […]

YouTube Gaming is coming! Google to launch its own live streaming gaming service

YouTube Gaming is taking on Twitch! The newest Google project was announced rather cutely on Twitter yesterday and it appears that the Game is on! Google almost bought Twitch last year, but Amazon was better and faster – and probably made a better offer – so they snatched it for themselves. Now the rainbow multinational […]