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FlashFire tool updated: support for Android 6.0 and OTA flashing support added

FlashFire was updated with Android 6.0 and OTA flashing support today. The flashing tool made by XDA dev Chainfire is used for flashing custom ROMs and kernels without having to go to recovery during the procedure.




FlashFire has been updated to version v0.26 and it just became compatible with Marshmallow. The update also brings the ability to flash OTAs on Android 6.0.


With the update, Nexus users in Android 6.0 who are using SuperSU will be able to install OTA updates with the use of the tool when SuperSU is used in the default systemless mode with unmodified kernels, /system or /vendor. When an OTA will arrive on your device you can download it and then open FlashFire, which will in turn detect the downloaded update and it will generate actions. The flash option will let you install the OTA on rooted systems and root again. This should make rooting after an over-the-air update much easier.


FlashFire’s update improves flashing full firmwares and it gets more support for additional partitions and archive formats. Chainfire does make a warning though: you should not flash Samsung’s 6.0 beta firmware. Since this is an update to a beta app, you should expect things to go sideways here and there. Users should make backups before using the tool in order to keep their data safe.


You can download the app via the Google Beta system or from Chainfire’s private server. For more info, check the XDA forums in the source link below.


Source: XDA, XDA Forum


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HTC HD2 – a 6-year old device – gets Marshmallow update!

When you find that perfect smartphone you never want to let go of, even when other newer and shinier flagships come along, you just want it to last you forever and maybe support updates for the next 10 years. HTC HD2 is one of those devices, at least for folks at XDA Devs, because the device just got support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This is not an official update, but it is a stable version nonetheless. A stable version of the most recent Google software that you can install on your six-year old device!





HTC HD2 is a modestly packed device, at least to our current standards. It packs a single-core 1GHz processor paired with 512MB of RAM, a 4.3-inch screen running at 480×800 pixel resolution and Windows Mobile 6.5. It is definitely nothing like a Samsung Galaxy S6 or a Nexus 6P but, for its time, it worked very well.


The update is not an official one, but a manually installed one from XDA Developers. If you still have one of these bad boys and you want to try the Marshmallow experience on it, go ahead and visit the source link below.


Source: XDA Developers



International LG G4 model gets Android 6.0 firmware released

The Android 6.0 firmware for LG G4 was made available today by XDA. The international G4 version got a quick update to 6.0, which means that most H815 models will get the update in due time. Until them you can try your luck with the KDZ files turned into flashables for people with TWRP custom recovery-active phones.





There is no official announcement regarding an Android 6.0 update for LG G4 yet,, but a previously published 20A build shows an early version or a very close to release version available out there. You can try to flash the KDZ file in LG’s Flash Tool or you can flash the files of the system, bootloader, boot partition and the modem through TWRP custom recovery.


If you have an LG G4 that is not model H815 you should not attempt this.

You may want to wait for ann official update as is, because these modifications are sort of dangerous for your phone; there is always a risk of bricking lingering around your device.


Early reports suggest that the build is identical to the older software, at least in terms of design. There are no big changes in the core features or the skin. Official updates for the Asia and Europe international LG G4 versions should be released this week or the next, and the following months should see changes for the rest of the models.


Source: XDA via AndroidPolice


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge + leaked in photos before launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge + were leaked in photos previous to their launch. Considering that Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have been a huge success for Samsung, these new devices could be a second success because they basically use the same recipe S6 used.


If you have seen a Galaxy S6 Edge, you will definitely recognize the Edge +. It has the same rounded edges as the first device and is basically a bigger version of it. The curved display is accompanied by the same fingerprint scanner button on the front. The device will have the serial number SM – G928A and it will have Android 5.1.1 right out of the box.



Galaxy S6 Edge Plus



The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has really thin side bezels and a somewhat bigger fingerprint scanner than the other Galaxy 2015 devices. Not many details are given or can be discerned from the photos, but it is supposed to be closer to the S6 in design than other Note phablets.



Galaxy Note 5



There’s still some time before the official launch of the devices, so many more leaks can show up until then. Stay tuned!


Source: XDA

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Xposed Framework available for ARMv7 devices in alpha build

Xposed Framework is now available for Lollipop in the form of an alpha build. The vague promise of “soon” is now a reality, even if the installation process is a bit more complicated than usual.


Xposed lollipop


In order to install the new Xposed version on your Lollipop device you have to flash the ZIP file by using a custom recovery that installs the framework. After doing this, you will have to install the Xposed APK in order to manage your modules. Most of the modules compatible with KitKat will work on Lollipop as well, albeit with a few modifications here and there.

This version of Xposed is an alpha form, which means that bugs and boot loops can occur. You will have to take a risk if you want to update your Xposed Framework to the most recent version and you should back everything up before attempting to upgrade. This version is compatible with ARMv7 devices only at the moment, which means Intel devices and ARMv8 64-bit devices will not work. The 64-bit version will be released in the future.

Source: XDA

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Team Win Recovery Project gets materialized themes from XDA dev

Team Win Recovery Project just got its material design themes from z31s1g, a XDA developer. It was about time that outdated screen got a makeover!





One XDA developer wanted to change the way TWRP looks and he finally managed to make the feature look much more in sync with Lollipop. The screen is changed every time, even when you run scripts or wipe partitions. You can get a light or a dark variant and pick your favorite from the 15 available colors.


This new materialized TWRP theme supports resolutions from HVGA (320×480) to QHD (1440×2560) and in order to have support for it, you will need TWRP version 2.8 or above.


In order to download and activate the theme, go to XDA devs.

Source: XDA