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Misfit Speedo Shine – a fitness band for swimmers

Misfit Speedo Shine is a new wearable that could change your life, especially if you’re an avid swimmer. This swim tracker is aimed at this niche market that has been suffering in the midst of a sea of smartwatches and “waterproof” wearables that you should not wear in the pool.


Misfit Speedo Shine



If you have been looking for a cheap AND waterproof tracker that works well and is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows Phone devices, Misfit Speedo Shine could be the best option for you. It costs $80 and it is branded as a wearable for swimmers.


The fitness bracelet uses an accelerometer and some particular algorithms to count different things such as calories, laps, distance, and exercise time when you are in the pool. Although it lacks some smart home controls that other Misbit devices have, it’s worth the price, at least for some people. After you finish a workout, you can sync your data via Bluetooth to an Android, Windows Phone or iPhone device, and you will then get an increase in your total activity score. The data syncs with Speedo’s private swim tracking app if you want it to.


Apart from the swimming features, the Misfit Speedo Shine band can track sleep, running, cycling and walking. The silver color scheme has 12 LED lights that show users how close they are to their daily goals. The device resists to water submerges down to 50 meters. The device runs on a CR2032 coin cell battery that you will not have to recharge as apparently you can replace it every 6 months.


Other Misfit devices have additional features that the Speedo Shine does not have. This includes a lack of controlling music playback, snapping selfies, toggling between connected home products and scrolling through different presentations.


The new Misfit swimmer band will launch on September 1st in Apple retail stores, but you will also be able to find it online through Speedo and Misfit.


Even if this device is not the best out there, it is one of the few bands to actually count laps in a pool, and it costs $80, unlike the next best thing, the $100 Moov Now (which also offers coaching for various types of workouts). The choice is yours, pool lover!


Source: Macworld

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[MWC] Sony Xperia Z4 Aqua – the mid-range smartphone sold at 299EUR in over 80 countries

Sony Xperia Z4 Aqua is the newest addition to the Sony Xperia family along with the Z4 tablet and it just debuted at MWC in Barcelona today. This device is a mid-range waterproof smartphone with an OK price for what it offers.



Z4 Aqua has a 5” display at 720p and, under the fashionable chassis, you will find a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon 615 octa-core with 2 GB of RAM and it’s all powered by a 2400 mAh battery. It has a 13MP primary camera with a large F2.0 aperture at 3200 ISO sensitivity and a secondary 5MP wide-angle camera up front.



The device is IP65/8 dust and waterproof  and has a capeless USB charging port, meaning you will have to dry it if your device got into water before you can safely charge it. The smartphone is also 7.3mm thin and weighs 140g. It will be available in coral, black, silver and white. The device will launch sometime this spring and it will cost around 299EUR in over 80 countries and their carriers.

Source: Sony Mobile

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MOTA SmartRing – the first viable smart-ring reached its $100k goal on Indiegogo

We have laptops, tablets, phablets, smartphones and smartwatches, so what’s the next step? The smart ring of course! MOTA SmartRing is the first prototype of a viable ring that brings the notifications you are always seeking at your fingertips… literally!




The high-tech accessory began its Indiegogo campaign in June 2014, and now it managed to reach its $100k goal by pledging just 1000 Bluetooth-connected rings and around 300 t-shirts. One such device is sold for at least $60, which is not much considering the hardware bits used in creating it. But it is all just a prototype so far. The actual devices will begin shipping in May 2015… hopefully.


Mota fashion


MOTA SmartRing is a fashionable (or not) piece of hardware that just spends time on your finger and feeds you short notifications from your favorite social media apps after you connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It appears to show who is calling you, how you can read your text messages or how you receive your discreet network alerts wherever you are.



The SmartRing is compatible with Android and iOS devices, has a unisex design and a small touchscreen you can customize to vibrate whenever you receive VIP notifications for example. It supports swiping on its little LED screen, presents its own menu system and can be charged wirelessly. Last, but not least, the little accessory is water resistant.


Mota stealth


The images show a workable prototype with little social media knowledge, despite its purpose. You have only five more days to claim your own on the Indiegogo page or on MOTA’s independent website, so head on over there and at least give it a look. You could be supporting the technology of the future!


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