Twitter reportedly to increase character limit to 10K

Twitter may proceed to increase its character limit per tweet from 140 letters to 10k! Whenever you will feel like making a ranty post on the social media platform, you will be able to do so. No more short sentences full of meaning and no more getting to the point in 5 to 10 words.



There are no specifics out yet, but Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey tweeted a big screenshot of text explaining the reasons behind this increase in character limit. Additional reports suggest that Twitter itself will collapse your ranty post to 140 characters and you would have to tap to view it all. This change is expected to go in place around March, so there is still some waiting to be done until then.


Source: Android Police


Apps Updates/Software

Talon gets update to v3.0 – new user profile layout, popups, more options

Talon, one of the first Twitter apps out there to reach the material redesign trail, is updated to v3.0. This brings about a new line of tweaks and features, mostly UI-related. Some new settings allow you to customize some aspects of the interface as well.

Here is the official changelog:

  • NEW: User profile layout

  • NEW: Transition animations from timeline to tweet viewer (Android 5.0+)

  • NEW: Material Design login/setup layout

  • NEW: Select font type from UI settings

  • NEW: Swipe horizontally to close tweet and profile viewers

  • NEW: Don’t display twitter image or quoted tweet links anymore

  • NEW: Notification of quoted tweets when using talon pull

  • NEW: Option to disable Talon Pull notification. Read disclaimer on setting. Use extreme caution.

  • NEW: Mute options on your own profile

  • IMPROVE: Popup sizes

  • IMPROVE: Popup layout animations

  • IMPROVE: Search bar simplicity

  • IMPROVE: Settings style

  • IMPROVE: Settings options

  • IMPROVE: Quoting tweets

  • IMPROVE: Expansion height

  • IMPROVE: Animations

  • IMPROVE: Some tablet layouts

  • IMPROVE: Fluidity of some transitions

  • IMPROVE: Now officially “Designed for Tablets” on Play Store

  • IMRPOVE: Now officially “Designed for Android Wear” on Play Store

  • IMPROVE: Play store listing

  • IMPROVE: Added a few more helpful tips throughout the app

  • FIX: Issue with both video and thumbnail showing on tweet viewer

  • FIX: Mixed up profile pictures when replying from second account

  • FIX: Compose screen bugs

  • FIX: Drawer allowing you to interact with the list behind it in some cases

  • FIX: Crash reports


Talon for Twitter
Talon for Twitter
Developer: Luke Klinker
Price: $2.99+
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot
  • Talon for Twitter Screenshot

HTC confirms bringing ads to BlinkFeed but there could be a way of opting out

HTC just confirmed it will be allowing ads to come to BlinkFeed. The good news is you can opt out of this. This is all part of a pilot program for the US, UK, China, Taiwan and Germany.




It appears that the ads will appear within the feed with the correct formatting and they will belong to HTC, Appia, Twitter and Yahoo. They will be marked as ads and they will not pop up or be banners to ruin all of your BlinkFeed experience as a whole.

The pilot debuts today but it has not been updated on the Play Store yet. This means it will roll out gradually and it is a server side upgrade. HTC says they will be implementing a way for customers to opt out even if there is no such feature active at the moment. If they will renounce this possibility, we smell many complaints going their way. Otherwise, it’s a pretty wise decision to monetize BlinkFeed, especially since the HTC M9 sales have not been going out so well so far.

Source: HTC via AndroidPolice

Apps News

[App of the day!] Periscope – Twitter’s live streaming app – is finally live for Android users

Almost two weeks have passed since Meerkat got out of beta stage and fully released to Android devices all over the world and its fiercest (and more popular) competition Periscope finally managed to get an Android version as well. It’s been months since everyone on Twitter who also owned an iPhone could use this app, but now equality was reestablished in the social media world. Twitter’s live video streams made via phone can be viewed and made with Android devices as well.




You can download it on your phone and tablet, depending on your Android toy of choice. This app will plug into your Twitter account even if it has its own client and when you start a stream it activates the default public mode which means everyone on periscope will be able to see you or what you are filming. You can also link your stream to Twitter or send private links to certain people.


Periscope itself is based on live streams and your videos can be replayed for 24 hours after they were broadcasted. After 24 hours they are automatically deleted, but you can delete them yourself beforehand if you want.


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[Edit: new specs and images] Sony Xperia Z4 leaked in new Twitter image

UPDATE: some specs were also leaked on Twitter:

5.2″ 1920×1080 or 2560x1440p screen

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor

3/4 GB of RAm

Adreno 430 GPU

21MP rear-facing camera.



Sony Xperia Z4 leaks onto Twitter and it appears to be extremely similar to Z3. Take the news with a grain of salt, of course, because even if the device was announced at the Mobile World Congress earlier this month, no other news regarding it was released since.


Sony Xperia Z4


@OnLeaks has posted an image saying it is the Xperia Z4 smartphone that looks very much like Z3. The dimensions 146.3 x 7.9 x 7.2mm correspond to the image above. Moreover, considering that Sony usually launches flagships every 6 months, there will be few substantial modifications.



The uploader is the same one who guessed the HTC One M9 look earlier this year, and he released a rendered image of LG G4 earlier this week. It remains to be seen whether these two will be just as accurate as the first one.

Source: Twitter

News Updates/Software

Twitter rolls out DM for Groups and Built-in Video capture and editing features

Twitter is rolling out two new features, specifically Group DMs and Built-in Video Capture and editing. The group direct messaging allows up to 20 people to talk to each other at the same time in a conference-like setting. You can use emojis and even share Tweets with your closest friends.




The direct messaging feature also allows people to start conversations with their followers even if they do not know each other. The messages in threads are available to all participants exclusively.

The video recording feature allows users to add videos on a Twitter app via a basic experience. The capture button is used to record clips by pressing and holding it. The time limit is 30 seconds and they can be later arranged or removed via the editing interface. Videos can later be shared to the user’s timeline with thumbnail previews similar to Vine videos.

The features will rollout these coming weeks.


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