Team Win Recovery project support for HTC A9 and Galaxy Grand devices

Team Win Recovery project is undeniably one of the most popular custom recovery tools for Android and it offers the best support to most devices running on the OS. This is what you need in order to be able to flash a custom ROM or completely backup your device before tinkering. TWRP just finished working […]

Team Win Recovery Project support for Samsung Galaxy S6 official!

Team Win Recovery Project is now available for Samsung Galaxy S6, the phone to beat this year. Considering the fact that Samsung’s flagship is deemed the best phone of the year (at least so far), it will become the perfect medium for the modding world to work on. As a result, Team Win’s custom recovery […]

Team Win Recovery Project gets materialized themes from XDA dev

Team Win Recovery Project just got its material design themes from z31s1g, a XDA developer. It was about time that outdated screen got a makeover!       One XDA developer wanted to change the way TWRP looks and he finally managed to make the feature look much more in sync with Lollipop. The screen […]

Team Win Recovery Project available for T Mobile’s LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

ROM tinkering enthusiasts are getting lots of treats recently and another such delight are the TWRP updates every flagship is getting. This time, Team Win Recovery Project is available for T Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and LG G3. The custom recovery build is now available for both T Mobile variants of the said devices […]

Team Win recovery project update 2.8 – new features, new functionality

Team Win recovery project launches its version 2.8 and now the most popular custom recovery option for ROM enthusiasts gives more options than ever. Not much is changed on the outside, but on the inside you will find new features you will love if you are a ROM enthusiast. TWRP now uses C++ based MTP […]