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Team Win Recovery project support for HTC A9 and Galaxy Grand devices

Team Win Recovery project is undeniably one of the most popular custom recovery tools for Android and it offers the best support to most devices running on the OS. This is what you need in order to be able to flash a custom ROM or completely backup your device before tinkering. TWRP just finished working on two more devices: HTC One A9 and Galaxy Trend from Samsung.





HTC One A9 is one of the most overpriced devices around and it bears the stigma of being considered to look too much like an iPhone. On the other side, Galaxy Trend is one of the cheapest Samsung offerings on the market and it dates back two years with a 4” screen (480 x800p) and 512MB of RAM. The HTC device needs a custom ROM if you want to get rid of the UI changes and the Samsung smartphone could use an overhaul because it is old, sad and lonely.


If you have one of these devices and want to change some of their software, you can grab TWRP for each from the source link below. Happy flashing!


Source: TWRP Galaxy Trend, HTC one A9


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Team Win Recovery Project support for Samsung Galaxy S6 official!

Team Win Recovery Project is now available for Samsung Galaxy S6, the phone to beat this year. Considering the fact that Samsung’s flagship is deemed the best phone of the year (at least so far), it will become the perfect medium for the modding world to work on. As a result, Team Win’s custom recovery destined to S6 is already available and you can download it from the source link below.


Samsung Galaxy S6


This build was already tested on the T Mobile version of Samsung’s S6 but it should work on all carrier and unlocked models too. A stable software TWRP build will allow users to do easy software backups and restorations as well as flashing ZIP files with no worries.

When the time comes and the first custom ROMs become available, they will be much easier to apply on Galaxy S6. The new Exynos chips from S6 and S6 Edge may require more time for AOSP builds and custom kernels to develop enough to be usable for daily actions.

Source: TWRP via AndroidPolice, TWRP download link

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Team Win Recovery Project gets materialized themes from XDA dev

Team Win Recovery Project just got its material design themes from z31s1g, a XDA developer. It was about time that outdated screen got a makeover!





One XDA developer wanted to change the way TWRP looks and he finally managed to make the feature look much more in sync with Lollipop. The screen is changed every time, even when you run scripts or wipe partitions. You can get a light or a dark variant and pick your favorite from the 15 available colors.


This new materialized TWRP theme supports resolutions from HVGA (320×480) to QHD (1440×2560) and in order to have support for it, you will need TWRP version 2.8 or above.


In order to download and activate the theme, go to XDA devs.

Source: XDA

News Updates/Software

Team Win Recovery Project available for T Mobile’s LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

ROM tinkering enthusiasts are getting lots of treats recently and another such delight are the TWRP updates every flagship is getting. This time, Team Win Recovery Project is available for T Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and LG G3. The custom recovery build is now available for both T Mobile variants of the said devices and therefore users can now flash modifications and ROMs. They can backup their existing system as well, if they choose to. The Galaxy Tab 4 recovery can be found HERE and the LG G3 recovery file can be found HERE.

It seems that most unlocked or carrier models of LG G3 and Samsung Tab 4 are different from one another in the sense that when the user flashes a modified recovery or a ROM general difficulties occur. Users of the unlocked LG G3 and Wi Fi/ unlocked 3G/LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 for any other carriers are advised to not try this version.

Galaxy Tab 4 seems to be a failure, at least in what concerns seasoned users from the ROM community mainly because of its low specs and uneven price to performance ratio. Perhaps this easier access to quality recovery will make things easier and bring the tablet into the light. LG G3 the T Mobile version already has stable ROMs which are pre-rooted or themed versions of the existing Android 4.4.2 build.

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Team Win recovery project update 2.8 – new features, new functionality

Team Win recovery project launches its version 2.8 and now the most popular custom recovery option for ROM enthusiasts gives more options than ever. Not much is changed on the outside, but on the inside you will find new features you will love if you are a ROM enthusiast.

TWRP now uses C++ based MTP implementation to give users the possibility of transferring files on microSD and emulated storage as well. New command line options were added and users can execute features via adb instead of using the touchscreen. Recovery now supports 1440×2560, 320×320 and 280×280 screen resolutions.

In version 2.8 you can find the following new features:

  • Add MTP support to recovery thanks mostly to bigbiff with a little help from Dees_Troy
  • Add command line capabilities – you can now execute various TWRP features via adb instead of the touchscreen
  • Add support for color in the console and give error, warning, and highlight lines different colors
  • Track backup and restore progress based on file sizes to provide a much more accurate indication of progress
  • Improve handling of /misc thanks to mdmower
  • Improve setting of time on Qualcomm devices thanks to [NUT]
  • Allow using images on slidervalue GUI objects thanks to Tassadar
  • Allow using variables and addition and subtraction in variables for easier theming
  • Add support for 1440×2560, 280×280, and 320×320 resolutions and update 240×240
  • Allow ui.xml file to include additional xml files to help break up the theme and make TWRP easier to maintain
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


In order to get the new version running on your device, you can download the appropriate image to your PC or laptop, reboot your phone in fastboot mode and flash the file over a USB connection. It so happens that recovery builds can cause problems when you install new ROMs so proceed at your own risk!

Source: TWRP

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