Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact for the US have no fingerprint sensor

Sony Xperia Z5 will soon reach the US, but it will not look exactly like the version present on Asian markets. Some reports claim that the Z5 the US will receive will not have a fingerprint sensor attached. Not that such a feature is really desirable since devices that do have one are said to present a pretty shakey accuracy. Sony confirmed that the devices that US customers will get have no fingerprint scanner.       The fingerprint reader is listed on the Z5 Compact spec list at this moment, but it will be removed soon, because Xperia Z5 does not present the feature on its spreadsheet anymore.   Sony is launching the Z5 and Z5 Compact in the US in February and they will sell for $499-599. They have been available in other parts of the world for a while now. You can even find them on Amazon for smaller prices than what you would pay for them in US retail shops and they have fingerprint sensors. It all depends on who you trust better at the moment.   Source: AndroidPolice  

Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact to sell in the US starting February

Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact will go live in the US in February. The Sony Z5 series was launched in Asia in September 2015, but it needed six extra months to get to the US, apparently. The two new devices will go live on Amazon, Best Buy and B&H starting February 7th. The flagship Z5 will cost $599 and the Z5 Compact will cost $499.       Sony Xperia Z5 specs:   5.2-inch 1080p IPS LCD display Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor 3GB RAM 23MP rear camera 5MP front facing camera 32GB of storage plus microSD slot 146 x72 x 7.3mm, 154g 2,900 mAh battery Android 5.1.1.   Sony Xperia Z5 Compact specs:   4.6-inch 1280×720 LCD display Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 2GB RAM 23MP rear camera 5MP front facing camera 32GB of storage plus microSD slot 127 x 65 x 8.9mm, 138g 2,700 mAh battery Android 5.1.1.   The smartphones will be unlocked GSM versions and they will have US warranty. Considering their specs and looks, the devices seem a little bit too pricey for what the are offering. Sony will not get into business with carriers so you will have to pay full price for one of these babies. Considering that – price-wise – you would be choosing between one of these and a $500 Nexus 6P, we think this could be a tough sell on the US market. But we shall see if Sony can turn it into a success or not.   Source: Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact  

Sony Xperia Z5 review – the world’s best smartphone camera to date?

Sony Xperia Z5 is one of the newer devices on the market and it is trying to re-put Sony on the smartphone market charts after an executive decision of cutting off lots of employees earlier this year. The move did not cut Sony’s daily expenses too much as money is still being siphoned out through the mobile division, but any device being launched could be better than no device at all, right?       It appears that Sony is working on keeping itself relevant on the mobile market to no avail, hoping that the future will need its mobile expertise soon. How does Sony Xperia Z5 fare this year? For one, it is considered the smartphone with the best camera around! The device is basically the dream of every mobile photographer or vlogger out there because not only does it take great photos, but it offers a beautiful display to check them on. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows because one of the biggest problems of the device is the battery. But more on that later on.   Specs and hardware   Xperia Z5 is the latest phone of the line and it does retain the design choices that made Xperia phones must-haves in the past. The Omnibalance design – as branded by Sony – accentuates inoffensiveness and symmetry, but manages to keep the spirit of Sony Xperia alive with every iteration. A few physical differences include a wider and flatter power button that acts as a fingerprint sensor as well, a detail that […]

AnTuTu Q3 benchmarks name Meizu Pro 5 best smartphone

AnTuTu just released its own tops of the best smartphones analyzed in the first three quarters of the year and the results are surprising. We are close to the middle of the 4th quarter already and most of the big guns or flagships for 2015 are already out. But how do they fare against each other when it comes to the most extreme tests?       On the Chinese market, Huawei became king this year, overthrowing Xiaomi for the first time. But how does the global market work? who is the top dog this year?   It appears that AnTuTu tests declare Samsung Exynos 7420 octa-core processors as the best mobile CPUs out there for now. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processors are close by in terms of performance, but Exynos still has the upper hand.   The latest tests from July 1 to September 30 make Meizu Pro 5 the best smartphone you can have at the moment and AnTuTu don’t usually kid around. The device is at the top of this list with a score of over 76,000 points. Numbers two to five are taken by Samsung’s premium devices: the Galaxy note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge +, S6 and S6 Edge. Meizu Pro 5 is the first non-Samsung smartphone to run on an Exynos processor, which makes its position at the top of this list even more of a surprise.   In the top ten you will also find Le 1 Pro, HTC One MAX, Sony Xperia Z5, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and OnePlus […]

Sony adds Android 6.0 AOSP binaries, including files for Xperia Z5

Sony recently released the AOSP Android Marshmallow binaries for the open devices and Xperia Z5 is included. Unlike other OEMs, Sony recently decided to empower its devices with unlockable bootloaders and if you do own one of these smartphones or tablets, you will find it easier to flash AOSP ROMs on your device. The Marshmallow-based AOSP binaries for almost all Sony devices are out now and you will be able to find them via the source link below.     The most important of all devices is Sony Xperia Z5, one of the better smartphones out there. It is distinct from the previous Sony smartphones like Xperia Z3+/ Z4, mainly because it is free from the previous devices’ overheating issues. Its design is much improved as well, making it one of the slimmest and most beautiful smartphones of 2015. This smartphone is now open to tweaking, modding and after-marketing too. If you own one of the Xperia devices that can be unlocked, then you too can start flashing Android 6.0 AOSP on your smartphone.   Which Sony Xperia devices get AOSP binaries?   Below you can find a list with the devices getting AOSP binaries for Android 6.0:   Xperia T3 T2 Ultra Xperia M2 Xperia E3 Xperia Tablet Z Xperia Z Xperia ZL Z Ultra Xperia Z1 Compact Xperia Z1 Xperia Z2 Z2 Tablet Xperia Z2 Compact Xperia Z3 Z3 Tablet Xperia Z3 Compact Xperia Z4 Xperia Z3+ Xperia Z4 Tablet Xperia Z5 Compact Xperia Z5.   There is a nice list of devices […]

Sony Xperia Z5 details and photos leak ahead of official launch

Sony Xperia Z5 leaked again in some new tweets and photos. Its imminent launch is closer by the day and it appears that we may get three models instead of just one: Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium/Plus. The devices should stick to the original Sony brand design which is comprised of squares and metal rails plus glass. It may not be the bestest design right now, but it still retains its charm. Specs and speculation The new Sony Xperia Z5 will sport a 23 MP rear camera sensor, if we are to believe rumors, and it appears that the power button on the side will also include a fingerprint scanner.     Other details separate the three different Z5 versions by specs:     The original Xperia Z5 should have a 5.2 inch screen with 1080p FHD resolution whereas the Compact version will sport a smaller (4.6 inch) screen at 720p resolution. The Premium Z5 should have the biggest screen of all at 5.5 inches with an Ultra-HD 4K display. The last one could be meant to use with the Google Cardboard for VR. We are not sure how well this pixel density will perform on a mobile device, but we will find out at IFA in Berlin in two days time, when the Sony event takes place. Photo source: Xperiablog source: TheVerge