Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte) gets CyanogenMod 13 nightly support

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 but you don’t love your already outdated OS with TouchWiz skins on top? Maybe you will like the CyanogenMod 13 update better, because the CyanogenMod team has been working on an Android Marshmallow functioning ROM version and a nightly is finally out the door.


Samsung Galaxy S5


Since the previous update that Galaxy S5 (klte) got was in October and it was comprised of Android 5.1.1, owners are still going to have to wait for a while before getting the official Marshmallow bit. Of course, when the change gets there, it will have a TouchWiz skin on top and not everyone likes that.


Flashing custom ROMs is still an option and here enters CyanogenMod with the 13 nightly based on Android 6.0. The full download of this file zip comes to 286MB, and you will need the GApps suite to make Google-ly things work.


Of course, you must not forget this is a nightly build, which means it can be packed with bugs and things that will not work as intended. Keep in mind that this ROM version will not work on AT&T carrier versions or on Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular devices. Flash the custom ROM at your own peril and good luck!


Source: CyanogenMod downloads



Samsung S5 crystal collection – teaser for a sparkling Galaxy S5

Samsung S5 crystal collection has a teaser video you can watch below. This exquisite handset will be coming out in May and is covered in Swarovski crystals, yet we don’t know a price for it or its availability.

There is little knowledge about this device in what concerns technical data, but the overall design looks pretty much sparkly and exquisite. Would you like to get a Samsung S5 covered in crystals?


Deal alert: Samsung S5 on Amazon for $99 on Verizon contract

Samsung S5 on a deal on Amazon! The Verizon version has been sold out at Amazon for a few days now, especially because of the low $99 price on contract, a much lower price than what everyone else is selling it for.

Verizon is still doing the Buy one get one free promotion for S5 variants, and you can apply for one too, but you will have to sing two two-year contracts if so. The $99 deal is available for everyone – new customers, upgrades or new lines. The phones will take a 2 to 3 week shipment.

Amazon presents both white and black color variants.


Download Booster feature removed from Samsung Galaxy S5 sold by Verizon, Sprint and AT&T

One of the interesting features Samsung has to offer on its new flagship was removed by most of the US carriers. Download Booster was possibly one of the best features on the new device because it allowed users to use WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity at the same time to download files, which meant lower download times for any file, as the feature was advertised on the official S5 Samsung page.

AT&T, Verizon and Sprint customers who buy the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will not find this feature anywhere as these carriers decided to remove it. It is not a new move as in the past carriers removed other select features from the devices they sold as well.

Verizon and Sprint representatives confirmed the feature omission and some AT&T customers confirmed that their Galaxy S5 version doesn’t have Download Booster either.

T Mobile is one US carrier that allowed the feature and furthermore promoted the new Samsung flagship and the download feature. US Cellular Galaxy S5 variants will have the feature as well.

Download Booster works when the files needed for download are larger than 30MB and come from supported sources such as HTTP downloads or Google Play Store. The feature then uses both 3G LTE and Wifi and splits the download in two. Thus it gets parts of the downloading file from two simultaneous sources, making the download much faster. It does use a lot of LTE data, which is what carriers may not like.

There was no particular reason given by the carriers as to why they “banned” the feature, but many speculate it may be a move to help customers save on their data plans. For others, this move seems rather suspicious. Samsung officials made no comments regarding this omission as of yet.

Source: Fierce Wireless