Samsung Unpacked is almost upon us! What should we expect from it?

Samsung Unpacked event is just a couple of hours away and we’re more excited than ever to find out what the South-Korean manufacturer has to share with us today. The event will take place in New York and it will be broadcast on the official page. The expectations are big as the speculated devices to be announced are the Note 5 and Edge S6 Plus.


Samsung Unpacked



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus


This device is a larger version of the regular S6 Edge and it also represents an answer to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. It is also an alternative to the Note and its size but it doesn’t have the stylus. Technically, the device is set to resonate with the Note 5.


It is rumored to have a 5.7 inch Quad HD display with the side curves, an octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, a 16MP and a 5 MP camera plus a 3000mAh battery. It should have a metal body that obviously does not allow users to increase the storage because there is no microSD slot.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5


The Note 5 has the same specs but a slightly different design, more in tone with the already established Note line. The phablet should also have a 5.7 inch Quad HD display paired with the Octa-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 16/5 MP camera combo, all powered by a 3000 mAh battery. The smartphone should also have a metal body and the stylus pen.


The improved build should help these new Samsung devices run even better than the first S6 flagships, even if they do share hardware. They share the metal and glass body that made the S6 line a success with the design overhaul.


Samsung will have to explain what separates these devices from others and from one another. We are almost there. Who knows what surprised Samsung has in store for us?


Source: The Verge


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus rumored to have QWERTY keyboard case!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is rumored and expected to launch at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on August 13th and until then leaks will keep showing up everywhere. Veteran “leaker” @evleaks has done it again and released a rendered image of a device that looks very much like an Edge smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard case. Could this be the next big thing when it comes to smartphone accessories and fashion?


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus QWERTY



The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is speculated to be the bigger version of its namesake. It should differentiate in the size of screen and its QHD display plus a possibly better processor: 2,1 GHz Exynos 7420 64-bit. The device will also sport a 16MP rear camera and a 6MP frontal camera, plus 32GB of internal storage to store those beautiful media files of yours.


Evan Blass showed on Twitter that this Android smartphone could present a QWERTY keyboard case too. We’re not sure if we like this image or not, mainly because the Samsung Galaxy device has some nice curves and that innovative double edge screen which would be encased in a piece of chromed alloy if this were to be true. On a different side, it could help folks who find it hard to type out texts on a touchscreen. The case even contains three physical Android navigation keys at the bottom to make everything easier to access.


Nothing is confirmed at the moment, and we are still a few days apart from the event. This accessory could not even make an appearance next to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or the Galaxy Note 5, which is rumored to share an announcement.


Source: IBNLive


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus leaked on German website – slightly bigger device with the same specs

This could be what Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus looks like, if we are to trust All About Samsung. There are a lot of rumors going on about such a device coming out sooner rather than later and this Plus version is supposed to be an even bigger phone hybrid than the last ones. There are some leaked images floating around, showing the possible device in relation to a Galaxy note 4.



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus


What’s the deal with this device?


It appears that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is just a slightly better version of the first Edge, the better part being the slightly bigger screen and maybe a different processor. The leak mentions a 5.7” display paired with an Exymos 7420 ARM chip, just like the S4 Edge, but other reports say the processor could be replaced with a Snapdragon 808.


The release date is noted as August 21st, which is – coincidentally or not – the rumored release date for Note 5 and Edge Plus.


Source: All About Samsung via AndroidPolice