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[Deals galore] Get a free Galaxy S6 with your order at AT&T! Find out the deets below!

If you are an AT&T fan or you just want to jump ships to another US carrier, this may be your chance, especially if you love Samsung devices! The carrier currently has a holiday season promotion on Samsung Galaxy S6 where it offers buyers the option to get one free Samsung device when they buy one.

Galaxy S6 deal

If you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, a Note 5 or an S6 Active, you will be able to get a free Galaxy S6 from AT&T. There are a few conditions you must agree to, of course, as nothing is truly free in this world of ours.

Firstly, you have to start a new mine of service in order to be eligible for a Galaxy S6, and you have to use AT&T’s Next installment plan.

Secondly, the free phone will be included in a Next 24 plan. The “free” part of the plan has yet another caveat: AT&T will issue bill credits for 30 months adding up to $650.

If you don’t mind the many bad sides of this deal, you can go ahead and enjoy this way to save some money. The offer will be good until December 31st. You can check more details in the source link below.

Source: AT&T


Samsung Oculus Gear VR pre-orders starting soon – the device launches in November

Samsung Oculus Gear VR will go live in November, as the device was announced today. Oculus and Samsung have been having an interesting relationship for a few years now and this is the latest product of it. This new Gear VR is the first consumer-ready version of this type of hardware and it appears it will be compatible with all 2015 flagship Samsung smartphones. Plus, it has a much more decent price at $99.


Samsung Oculus Gear VR



The new Samsung Oculus Gear VR needs a compatible phone to work, namely a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, a Note 5 or a S6 Edge +. Only these phones will provide you with the screen and software necessary to power the Virtual Reality experience. This accessory is 22% lighter than the previous gear VR and has a better touchpad.


Dimension / Weight201.9 x 116.4 x 92.6 mm / 310g
SensorAccelerator, Gyrometer, Proximity (Mount/Unmount Detection)
FOV* Field of View96 degrees
IPD Coverage54 ~ 70 mm (Fixed Lenses)
ColorFrost White
CompatibilitymicroUSB connection to the Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge


When you think about it, considering that the smartphone is doing all the work, this Samsung Oculus Gear VR seems kind of like an expensive device, but it is half the price of an innovator edition Gear VR.


The device will start pre-orders this fall and it will start selling in November. Get ready for some mobile virtual reality games to hit you hard.


Source: Samsung Tomorrow


Gear S2 smartwatch appears in fashion shoots

Samsung pulled a fast one on us today when it teased us the new Galaxy Gear S2; we thought we would have to wait until September to know more about it. But now we can at least see it in its entire splendor because it is part of a fashion shoot.


Samsung fashion 1




Samsung usually partners with high fashion companies that help them create strange or unique accessories that may make the public cringe. This time the photo shoot was different because it was meant to showcase the newest devices coming out the door. The Easter egg in some of them is the Galaxy Gear S2. The new phones Note 5 and S6 Edge + are also portrayed in a desirable fashion.


The S2 smartwatch appears in two photos and kind of takes the light of the show and it doesn’t even look that big. The photos show a nice mélange between fashion industry and technology. The phones and smartwatch are shown as the most prized possession or ultimate accessory.




The fashion is questionable at best – at least by style editors’ opinion – and some even call it “fashion-for-fashion’s-sake”. Some don’t find these images seductive at all, but is every ad out there really supposed to be sexual and over-sensual in overtly trying to sell a product?


We will have to wait until September for more info on the Gear S2, but when that time comes we will definitely discover what the new smartphone is all about.


Source: Samsungmobilepress


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus rumored to have QWERTY keyboard case!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is rumored and expected to launch at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on August 13th and until then leaks will keep showing up everywhere. Veteran “leaker” @evleaks has done it again and released a rendered image of a device that looks very much like an Edge smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard case. Could this be the next big thing when it comes to smartphone accessories and fashion?


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus QWERTY



The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is speculated to be the bigger version of its namesake. It should differentiate in the size of screen and its QHD display plus a possibly better processor: 2,1 GHz Exynos 7420 64-bit. The device will also sport a 16MP rear camera and a 6MP frontal camera, plus 32GB of internal storage to store those beautiful media files of yours.


Evan Blass showed on Twitter that this Android smartphone could present a QWERTY keyboard case too. We’re not sure if we like this image or not, mainly because the Samsung Galaxy device has some nice curves and that innovative double edge screen which would be encased in a piece of chromed alloy if this were to be true. On a different side, it could help folks who find it hard to type out texts on a touchscreen. The case even contains three physical Android navigation keys at the bottom to make everything easier to access.


Nothing is confirmed at the moment, and we are still a few days apart from the event. This accessory could not even make an appearance next to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or the Galaxy Note 5, which is rumored to share an announcement.


Source: IBNLive


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge + leaked in photos before launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge + were leaked in photos previous to their launch. Considering that Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have been a huge success for Samsung, these new devices could be a second success because they basically use the same recipe S6 used.


If you have seen a Galaxy S6 Edge, you will definitely recognize the Edge +. It has the same rounded edges as the first device and is basically a bigger version of it. The curved display is accompanied by the same fingerprint scanner button on the front. The device will have the serial number SM – G928A and it will have Android 5.1.1 right out of the box.



Galaxy S6 Edge Plus



The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has really thin side bezels and a somewhat bigger fingerprint scanner than the other Galaxy 2015 devices. Not many details are given or can be discerned from the photos, but it is supposed to be closer to the S6 in design than other Note phablets.



Galaxy Note 5



There’s still some time before the official launch of the devices, so many more leaks can show up until then. Stay tuned!


Source: XDA

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Samsung promotion goes live – get a SUHD TV and get a free Galaxy S6 to go with it!

Samsung just announced a promotion where, if you make a considerable purchase of a new SUHD TV, you will also get a free Samsung Galaxy S6. How much are you supposed to spend in order to get a $650 freebie? Not less than $1500 it appears. The promotion came live yesterday, on July 19th, and it will last until August 1st.


Samsung promotion


This move replaced the existing promotion which offered customers a free year of Netflix when buying a Samsung TV.

This promotion applies only to the SUHD TVs, which is the new brand of HD TVs from Samsung that uses nano-crystal color technology, a fair improvement from LCD screens, and an HDR feature responsible for improving contrast for supported content.

You can get a free Galaxy S6 if you buy one of the following Samsung SUHD TVs:

  • JS9500
  • JS9100
  • JS9000
  • JS8500
  • JS850D
  • JS8600

The cheapest device you can buy is the JS8500, discounted to $1500. The next cheapest TV is the JS9000 which has a price tag of $3500. After buying the TV, you can collect your gift if you go to SamsungPromotions. Com and fill out a form. You will have to wait up to 8-10 weeks before your free 32GB Galaxy S6 gets to you. You cannot opt for more storage even if you are willing to pay for it.

You could also get a Samsung S6 Edge with this promotion, but you would have to buy it separately through a carrier and get only $400 reimbursed. Considering the device is $100 more expensive than the S6, this would be a worse deal for you.

Source: SamsungPromotions via AndroidPolice