Oddhop preview – battle cute little creatures in hundreds of puzzle worlds!

In a surprising turn of events, you may be able to turn nice cute creatures against themselves soon, when Oddhop launches to mobile devices. This little indie mobile game will teach you to destroy an entire population of things save for one, just to show the others what you are capable of and that they […]

[Game of the day] A Good Snowman will puzzle you with its cutesy difficulty

A Good Snowman will put you right in the jolly holiday mood, just in case you needed another reminder that Winter and Winter holidays are coming. This little game will put you in a puzzle where you have to build a snowman. Thing is, you’re not a human, but a monster who is definitely having […]

Whispering Willows reaches the Android world

Whispering Willows finally reached mobile devices. After a few good months of being played on PCs, consoles and micro-consoles, the game reached Android devices. This little (expensive) game is developed by independent studio Night Light Interactive.     This game has beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and images and a very emotional and beautiful story to go […]

[Game of the Week] Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers – remastered adventure puzzle game on the Google Play Store

Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers is another classic adventure game released on the Google Play Store. If you are a fan of point-and-click games, you will love this one. This game is a 1993 Sierra adventure remastered that you can now try on your mobile device.       You become a book store owner […]