Oddhop preview – battle cute little creatures in hundreds of puzzle worlds!

In a surprising turn of events, you may be able to turn nice cute creatures against themselves soon, when Oddhop launches to mobile devices. This little indie mobile game will teach you to destroy an entire population of things save for one, just to show the others what you are capable of and that they should never ever cross you again. Basically this is a puzzle game where you get points by eliminating creatures one by one.       In Oddhop you will make the creatures jump on each other to take themselves out of the game. You have to let one live so that it may go beck to the rest of the tribe and act as a messenger and a guide to your next killing grounds. You have over 100 sweet puzzles and three types of creatures with different features plus you can explore different terrain types. Other elements that may help or distract you are portals, platforms and statues. If the game is a success, the devs say they will add even more levels for free!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHlrVBBierQ     Oddhop is in development at the moment, and it will release somewhere in the summer on iOS and Android devices. The game itself will be free, with ads, but you will have the option of making a one-time purchase to get rid of ads altogether. If you want to learn more about this little gem, you can hop over on the official website.   Source: Indiegamemag

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream available on Android devices!

Not all good games are free, and neither is I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream. DotEmu is usually porting its older games on the Android platform; Double Dragon, R-Type and Another World are just a few names that made it from the PC to the Android world, and now we are adding another classic on the list.       I Have No Mouth, But I Must Scream launched on the PC in 1995 and it was based on a story of the same name written by Harlan Ellison in 1967. It is a point and click game of adventure with five protagonists. Each character has their own story and direction that can be played in any order the player likes. The five characters are basically the last human survivors of a cyber-apocalypse. The world’s political superpowers created a war-like artificial intelligence that managed to increase its influence and ended up destroying everything. AM- the super-powerful and highly intelligent AI – destroyed the world and imprisoned the five remaining humans, torturing them for over 109 years. It’s not a particularly funny or lightheaded story, as you can see.   In I Have No Mouth, But I Must Scream, AM will create an adventurous event filled with puzzles that each subject must pass, and these puzzles are all eating at the subject’s instability and weaknesses. Each characters has choices to make and, based on what you choose when you play the game, your end resolution will be different. Not all outcomes are good for […]

[Game of the day] A Good Snowman will puzzle you with its cutesy difficulty

A Good Snowman will put you right in the jolly holiday mood, just in case you needed another reminder that Winter and Winter holidays are coming. This little game will put you in a puzzle where you have to build a snowman. Thing is, you’re not a human, but a monster who is definitely having some trouble at creating stuff from snow. But you can help him get better at it.     A Good Snowman comes from developer team Draknek, and it will not be free, but more on that later. It received prizes and distinctions at different arcade game conventions in 2015 – including Best Character Design at Intel Level Up in 2014 – for its design and original soundtrack and it will not annoy you with in-app purchases and ads once you buy it.   Your main goal is to build the best snowman the world has ever seen in order to impress your peers. After you manage to construct one little white symbol of winter, you will have to make more and more in some increasingly difficult levels of puzzle adventure. Why you are building snowmen, you may ask? That is a mystery all in itself, as the game does not disclose the reason behind this perilously funny and mind-boggling adventure.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMM9IMV7f0A     Want to give A Good Snowman a second look? Visit the Google Play Store via the widget below. The game costs $5, which is not cheap, but not very expensive either, especially considering you will not […]

Whispering Willows reaches the Android world

Whispering Willows finally reached mobile devices. After a few good months of being played on PCs, consoles and micro-consoles, the game reached Android devices. This little (expensive) game is developed by independent studio Night Light Interactive.     This game has beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and images and a very emotional and beautiful story to go through. The art style alone shows the kind of interest these developers put into the final product. It all began as a Kickstarter campaign started last year and it turned into a little independent phenomenon at launch. It is available on Steam where it costs $10 , but you can also find it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Ouya for example. Don’t forget Macs and Linux devices either, this game sprouted wings everywhere.   Whispering Willows lets you play as Elena, a little girl who must save her father. Because of her pendant, you can also play her spirit via shamanic powers, which is pivotal in moving on and solving puzzles. You can posses objects, get through narrow spaces or manipulate the environment in ways in which you could not in physical form. Throughout the game you will find notes from ghosts, where you will find hints, and different objects that will help you move on with the story.   Whispering Willows is on deal on the Play Store right now until September 9 because you can get it for $5, that’s %50 off. After that it will cost $10. The game is better to play on a tablet, […]

Lara Croft GO and her adventures reach the Google Play Store

Lara Croft GO has finally reached Android! Square Enix kept to their word and released the mobile game on Android devices. It is a Hitman GO genre-specific followup which puts a Tomb Raider twist on things to make everything more interesting.     This new title makes turn-based games more about exploration and less about precision. You will have to follow predefined paths to reach your goals. Since it is a turn-based game, you get your turn and then the enemies get a go too. You have no limit on movements and you will have to solve lots and lots of puzzles to move on. In order to get to the best plan of attack you will have to explore tenebrous depths, climb walls and toggle switches.   Lara Croft GO gets nice graphics with smooth animations and the backgrounds look very lively. The game itself costs $4.99 and there is a single in-app purchase possibility for a hint unlocker for $4.99, but why would you want to spoil yourself with that? Give it a look below: