Project Aura reportedly working on eye and ear smart wearables

Project Aura is successfully working on bringing Google Glass back to life. The team that worked on the smart glasses in the past is now in charge of more than one wearable, and that includes other eye wearables too. They will not have prism displays though, which kind of explains the name change.


Project Aura google glass


Project Aura individuals have been working on three wearables, although only two could get to see the light of a production process in the end. One wearable device can get a glass HUD display but it is destined to enterprise users and the other, more aimed at sport and active customers, will only offer an auditory experience.


It appears that Google and Project Aura managed to get some audio experts from Amazon to help them out on this one. And we won’t have to wait for a long time for these possible devices to launch as, considering that Tony Fadell is overseeing the project, it will possibly release sometime next year. We can only hope that these devices will be a bit more affordable and that they will actually have some practicality to them.


Source: The Information via Phandroid


Google Glass reborn as Project Aura – get ready for the future, folks!

Google Glass is reborn and its new name is Project Aura. This new division of the Alphabet parent company that now presides over Google is being revived and changed into a whole new thing. New software developers and engineers have already been hired and new plans are being put in action as we speak. Rumors put ex-Amazon employees from the Lab126, people who took care of the fire smartphone project, in charge of the new task.


The new Google Glass
The new Google Glass “Thin” prescription frames in “tangerine” color rests on a table at the Google Glass Basecamp space at Chelsea Market, Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)


The team is being led by Ivy Ross who will report to Google’s head of connected home business Tony Fadell himself. Project Aura will not work only on the Google Glass project but on other wearable tech as well.


Even if it was somewhat of a failure, Google Glass still has potential for the execs who hope that this tech will turn into something profitable and futuristic enough to be used by the masses. Let’s hope that, in the future, the new Project Aura will learn from its mistakes and release a good product, whatever that may be.


Source: Androidcentral