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Pocket update to v 5.7 – redesigned interface to match Android Lollipop

Pocket is updated to version 5.7 just in time for Android Lollipop. The app is an offline reading service that basically has no rival on the market at the moment. The app is consistent with the Android design and its newest update brings about a Lollipop allure. Even if you may have not received the update yet, stay tuned, you will get it soon enough.

The update isn’t a complete redesign, but it seems pretty ready for Android 5.0. The navigation menu is revamped and the icons are a bit updated too. Some new material animations were added and the status bar is now flat grey and not black whereas the multitasking menu gets a red hue.

The new app version looks very good on Android 5.0 and it keeps a distinctive feel while it keeps with the new aesthetics. In case you don’t want to wait for the automatic update, you can try the APK signed by Google HERE.


[googleplay url=””]


Apps Updates/Software

Pocket update v 5.6 brings better EverNote support and better download limits

Pocket, one of the most popular apps used to read web pages in a simpler format, updates to v 5.6 and it brings better EverNote support, better download limits and more good stuff! The changelog includes the ability of setting the storage space limit Pocket can use, fixes concerning crashes when listening to articles and removing downloaded content after it was Archived or Deleted.

Deleting items don’t require confirmation prompts to work and will now present undo options as well. Pocket now shares to EverNote with images and rich texts.

Storage space limit is a big deal for heavy pocket users because it can take a lot of space since it syncs Pocket with the used device in order to allow offline access. Faster deleting is also a great addition considering you will always find articles you don’t want to read anymore. You can update your Pocket app in the Google Play Store or by using the widget below!

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