New Nexus 5 2015 images and details leak, including possible launch date

New Nexus 5 2015 images and details have surfaced today, including the launch date of said device. LG’s new Nexus device will launch soon and some of the rumors are proving to be correct. Its official launch date seems to be September 29th. The Huawei Nexus device was not mentioned, but it is expected that Google will launch both devices at the same time. The information was not publicly confirmed by official sources though, so take everything with a pinch of salt.


new Nexus 5 2015



China’s Weibo site says that the new Nexus 5 will have a 5.2-inch display with a 2K resolution, a Snapdragon 808 processor plus 3 GB of RAM. If the rumors and leaks are true, the device will come packed with a 13MP Sony-made IMX278 sensor with OIS and a 5MP front snapper.


LG Nexus 5 spec



Some speculate that Google will launch two Nexus devices this year, as suggested by LG and Huawei device leaks. LG is reportedly working on a new Nexus 5 while Huawei is making a new Nexus 6. The details above suggest that Nexus 5 will not have top-of-the-line specs, which in turn could mean that it will have a good competitive price. This could solve last year’s mistake with the Nexus 6 pricing which hurt Google Nexus sales. We shall see which leaks and rumors are true at the end of next month.


Source: Ibnlive


Huawei Nexus phone leaks in new photos!

Huawei Nexus phone (possibly) leaks again! After the leak of the LG Nexus device set to launch sometime this year, it is its sibling’s turn as new photos surface. Google+user Tiessen Fu recently posted three photos of a device with the Nexus logo on it. The bonus is the Huawei logo sitting next to it.


Huawei Nexus render



In the photos you can see the front and back of the Huawei Nexus device, plus a protective case. The back presents a circular cut which is probably the fingerprint reader. It looks exactly as the one in the LG Nexus leaks. The previous Huawei renders were rather accurate because the device does indeed have the oblong panel where the camera and flash are.




The G+ user says that the leaks were sent to him by a friend and the QQ labels imply that they were sent to him over the Tencent QQ instant messaging system. Since Huawei is situated in China, this explanation seems sound.


Specs and possibilities: Huawei Nexus

Recent leaks have addressed the tech specs details, and some include a 5.4 – inch screen with a Snapdragon 810 processor and a 3500 mAh battery. But, as usual, everything should be taken in with a grain of salt because this data cannot be officially verified at this point.


We won’t have to wait THAT long since usually Google launches its OS update along with some interesting Nexus devices. Fall is nearly upon us, and this is usually the time when Google takes out its ace from the sleeve. We just have to wait for a little while longer.


Edit: there’s even more photos leaking out there! Huawei Nexus, codenamed Angler, is indeed sporting a Snapdragon 810 processor and it appears to have 64GB  of storage. Here it is:



Source: Google + , +tiesenfu via AndroidPolice


Xiaomi ‘s first smartphone made in India, Redmi 2 Prime launched today

Xiaomi has recently launched its first “Made in India” smartphone, the Redmi 2 Prime. The device was manufactured at Xiaomi’s first factory in India, Visakhapatnam.


The new device costs around Rs 6,999 and it represents an upgraded version to the already known Redmi 2. It has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage memory plus a microSD card slot which expands it up to 32GB.


xiaomi redmi 2 prime



Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime tech specs:

  • 7” IPS sharp display with 720x1280p
  • 64-bit 1.2 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 410 processor
  • Adreno 306 GPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB storage
  • Android 4.4 KitKat MIUI 6
  • 4G Dual-SIM
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • 2200 mAh battery.


Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime will have an affordable price of Rs6,999 , which means roughly around $125.


Source: NDTV

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The LG flip smartphone Wine Smart – nostalgia and Android 5.1.1 in a clamshell

Don’t you sometimes miss the 2000’s with their wonders flip phones? LG thought of that –and maybe other things too – and it released something excitingly innovative aimed at the senior niche market: an LG flip smartphone with brains! Every smartphone manufacturer out there has been trying to differentiate themselves from the competition, and LG had exactly this in mind when they created the LG Wine Smart, a phone with Android 5.1.1 AND keypad AND a flip screen! Retro, right?


LG flip smartphone




This flip smartphone presents the usual clamshell design we’ve all loved and owned a decade ago and clads them in a variation of bluey and reddish purples. It has a 3.2” touchscreen plus a keypad with large and strong buttons. You get the usual numpad, the menu and round button, but on top of all of those you also get the usual Android buttons in physical form. You get the home button, the back arrow and the recent apps square button too.

LG Wine Smart flip smartphone specs:

  • Chipset: 1.1GHz Quad-Core
  • Display: 3.2-inch HVGA (480 x 320)
  • Memory: 4GB ROM / 1GB RAM / MicroSD
  • Camera: Rear 3MP / Front VGA
  • Battery: 1,700mAh (removable)
  • Operating System: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • Size: 117.7 x 58.7 x 16.6mm
  • Weight: 143g
  • Network: 4G LTE / HSPA+ 42Mbps (3G)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n / Bluetooth 4.1 / USB 2.0
  • Colors: Burgundy / Navy


LG Wine smart




The device was first announced for the Korean market and it was branded LG Gentle, but now it will become available to other countries as well: Japan, Italy, Poland, France, Kazakhstan and others. No news on pricing and availability yet, but expect this to be an affordable gadget your grandparents can use to get the gist of Android.


Source: LG Newsroom

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Motorola Moto X Play – the cheaper flagship choice in 2015

Motorola Moto X Play could be your choice if you want a cheaper flagship in 2015. The device is paired with the Moto X Style – the full-fledged Motorola flagship for 2015 – this is basically a maxed out version of it too, with only slightly lower specs.


Motorola Moto X



Moto X Play has a slightly smaller 5.5” 1080p screen paired with the same 21MP and 5MP camera sensors. The smaller screen is powered by a 3630 mAh battery plus Turbo charging, which allegedly brings phone usage to around 48 hours straight before needing another charge. Under the hood you will find a Snapdragon 615 processor plus 2GB of RAM. You will be able to pick a 16GB or 32GB storage version with a microSD slot.


Moto X Play



MotoX Play



The Moto X Play has a smaller and thicker body than other Moto devices, and it retains the same water resistance feature other Motorola devices have. It will have access to Moto Maker but it will probably only get plasticky cases. The device will run on Android 5.1.1 right out of the box.



The downside for some markets is that the device will not be available globally, the US being one of the countries where Moto X Play will not be making an appearance. It will be available in some parts of Europe, Canada and Latin America starting August. There is no official price out yet, but it is supposed to be cheaper than Moto X Style ($399.99).


Source: Motorola Blog


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active available at AT&T

When your previous experience has already taught you that you’d be better off with a brick phone than a sensible smartphone, you know it’s time for Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Some of you are abusing your phones, willingly or not: you’re either clumsy and always drop your possession on concrete or carpets (best case scenario) or you work in construction or pilot a helicopter or something. Of course, there are those who just love to “dress” their phones in colorful or strong cases like OtterBox.


Samsung S6 active



All of your problems can now be resolved with a Galaxy S6 Active you can get from AT&T. The device is basically a rugged-looking version of Samsung’s 2015 flagship. Like other Active devices, it is dust and water resistant and looks much more imposing with its tough build than other devices.




The spec list is identical to that of the flagship S6: 5.1” 1440p display, Exynos chip, 3 GB of RAM, 16MP camera and 32GB of storage. The battery is much better though, getting an upgrade from 2550 mAh to 3500 mAh.





You can get a S6 Active in camo white, camo blue or gray from AT& T and you would only have to pay $695. You can also choose a Next plan and divide your payments into monthly fees of $23.17, $28.96 or $34.75.


Source: AT&T