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OnePlus tries to fix touchscreen issues with new update for OxygenOS

OnePlus finally released an OxygenOS 1.01 update and this one is supposed to solve some touchscreen issues the One has been having. It appears that this issue has been lingering through many many minor updates despite the manufacturer’s determination in what concerns the OS development so far.




You can download the firmware directly from inside the announcement where you will find the patch for the touchscreen issue. There you will also find the tool needed if you haven’t already installed the OxygenOS version and this should let you flash the latest version from  CyanogenMod 11 or 12 without losing any data. This tool has been developed by XDA devs and Fastbot Mobile devs, which means it could have some issues on the long run. You will find instruction on the installation of the tool in the source link below.

Source: OnePlusOne Forums via AndroidPolice



[The rumor mill] OnePlus 2 to launch this July

OnePlus 2 is one step closer to the shelves as we speak because the mother-company is rumored to have marked the device for launch in July. The One Plus One device was one of the most talks about smartphones last year, in part because of its terrible horrible no good invite system and also because of its spec price ratio. The device presented the spec build of a 2014 flagship at half the price.


OnePlus 2



This year’s OnePlus device is rumored to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810( the much hated easily-heating processor that broke the Internet during spring) paired with 3 GB of RAM, a 1920 x 1080p display plus a 13 MP camera and a 3300 mAh battery to power it all.

OnePlus’s co-founder Carl Pei recently said that the company is taking into consideration customer feedback from the One to improve the Two device by preparing a smoother launch with more support for customers. Moreover, the company is further developing its team and future vision by working hard on the new smartphone.

It appears that the horror of the invite system is not over as the second OnePlus flagship will be achievable via the same process as before. The new handset will also have a higher price than One ($300).

The Chinese company recently started two new contests with an interesting prize: an all-expense paid trip to the headquarters in Hong Kong. One contest is taking in to consideration a no edits photo competition on Instagram where users can upload a photo with the tag @oneplustech detailing how they were able to accomplish their photo. Officials will choose 10 photos and users will vote on the final winner.

The second contest takes place in video format and it’s supposed to be a personal confession or vlog in which people can share their OnePlus story by saying what they like about the One, what they expect from the future device and basically why THEY are the biggest One Plus fans ever. The videos will be judged on quality, originality and production. One winner will be chosen by the judges and one by the community. You can make your entry viable with THIS FORM.

This makes both contests have a total of three winners which will get a full-paid trip to Hong Kong to the OnePLus HQ where they will experience the OnePlus Two firsthand and apparently participate in a secret project.

Source: Oneplus vlog


OnePlus Two specs leaked – expect the next flagship tide breaker

After OnePlus One broke the market a year ago, it’s now time for the 2 iteration of the line to do the same, or so rumors say. The newest OnePlus flagship was leaked online and the brand is determined to live up to its motto “ Never Settle” once again.




The new device codenamed OnePlus 2 at the moment is right there in the same league as this year’s flagships, at least when it comes to specs. What you’re supposed to be getting is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 plus 3 GB of RAM. Yes, we are talking about the much scrutinized Qualcomm processor here.


OnePlus 2 specs


We hope that the issues with the display and resolution will be addressed if OnePlus is aiming at a true flagship-material smartphone. Here’s hoping they will pack their new device with a Full HD or Quad HD display.


OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei recently said that $400 would be a reasonable price for the new smartphone. Even if its price could be higher than the 64GB OnePlus One, it is still far below the price of other 2015 flagships out there. The 2 will run on OxygenOS for devices shipping out of China.


The OnePlus Two will be officially unveiled sometime this year.


Source: Slashgear

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OnePlus saves face with the launch of Oxygen OS

OnePlus finally managed to bring OxygenOS to life a few days ago, and it appears to be a pretty stable OS version that the company can use, especially after the struggle they have been through after the fallout with Cyanogen. Oxygen is a custom ROM based off of Android 5.0.2 and some people from Paranoid Android ROM had some input in its labor. The launch was supposed to happen at the end of March, but it got delayed for a few days.




Most details are similar to a pure Android version, with a few tweaks here and there concerning gestures activated when the screen is off and some user customization applicable from the Quick Settings menu. OnePlus devices run on CyanogenMod 11S at the moment, and to change to OxygenOS you will have to manually flash the new ROM.



Most OnePlus owners are still upset because the Cyanogen aspect of the device was one of the best-selling points of these devices altogether and now that that is gone many questions still remain. The One is still behind some LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola devices.

Source: OnePlus via AndroidPolice


The OnePlus DR-1 drone is an April Fools’ joke but you can still buy it if you want!

The OnePlus DR-1 drone was supposed to be OnePlus’ game changer device for 2015, but it appears it was all just a timely ruse. The DR-1 drone is an April fool’s joke but on the upside, it can be bought from the company itself.


one plus


The promotional website lacks in customer-friendly details, but the Never Settle logo actually manages to promote the fake drone as a Da Vinci flying machine. It all looks like a good promo though, even better than other OnePlus devices.


oneplus drone


It appears that the drones without a camera will be sold in a small amount and they are actually a previously sold quadcopter painted in red and white with the OnePlus logo on it or maybe a different generic toy.

OnePlus dron


The model you can find on Amazon has a $30 price tag. The real #Game Changer announcement is still ongoing and it will be made sometime this month.

Source: OnePlus


OnePlus mystery device could be a drone, a console or both!

OnePlus has been teasing everybody with a mysterious unveil these past few days and the wait is almost over. New details have already surfaced and we are also ready to share them with you. This new device that will be a “game changer” is supposed to be a new console-like device that dubs as drone. This drone will supposedly go on sale sometime in April, if we are to believe OnePlus officials spilling their guts on the Interwebz.




The announcement comes from a reddit AMA where an engineer unveiled that their next concept is a DR-1 drone that could start selling as soon as next month. We are not sure whether this will be an exclusive drone, a gaming contraption or a console hybrid.

April is officially the month when OnePlus will be making this year’s most important announcements, including its 2015 flagship, the OnePlus Two. Stay tuned for more!

Source: Techradar