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OnePlus One gets minor Cyanogen OS update

OnePlus One got an update today and there’s a new Cyanogen OS version out there for it. Considering the breakdown between OnePlus and Cyanogen, this is sort of a surprising move. We are not talking about a huge update, but about a few helpful bug fixes and minor updates. If the OTA hasn’t reached your phone yet, there are manual downloads available you can try.


OnePlus One


The OTA ZIP file is 18MB in size, but in order to make it work you will need a stock version of the OS on your phone. In case you want the full ROM experience, the file is 600MB in size and it includes fastboot ZIPs. According to official forums, this Cyanogen OS forums, his update brings about some bug fixes and security updates, possible something like Stagefright. The usual OTA could prove to be failing, but the manual installs are reported as working.


OnePlus One is the only smartphone from the company still running on Cyanogen OS, but the company is working on moving it to its proprietary Oxygen OS as soon as possible. Considering that most OnePlus One users are still using the Cyanogen OS 12 version, this update will bring joy to many. Happy flashing!


Source: OnePlus Forums


OnePlus teases London event on October 29

There is a new OnePlus event taking place on October 29, if we are to believe the official Twitter announcement made earlier today. The highest probability is a new phone, of course, with the OnePLus X or Mini being first pick. The device has already been rumored to launch soon, but there was no official confirmation yet.




The teaser from the Chinese company shows a lighted X along with a hashtag: #PowerfullyBeautiful. The ad is completed by the meeting deets :


“See you October 29, London.”


In case the company is not trolling us all with a mock X, the general idea is that the OnePlus X IS indeed the device being launched two weeks from now. This is not the first time we ever hear of this device, as we showed you a few days ago that one such device passed FCC and TENAA. You can see those photos HERE.


What can we expect from the new OnePlus X?


This mini version of the flagship should be somewhat smaller in size, but it would still have a 5” 1080p display according to leaked benchmarks. The display is accompanied by a MediaTek MT6795 64-bit octa-core processor with 2GB RAM, a 13MP rear camera, 2450 mAh battery and maybe NFC.


It appears that the newest event held by OnePlus will take place in London, which is a change of view from the usual New York releases we’ve seen lately. We also do not know if the device will get to the US, but FCC passage hints that way. Possible purchase options are another issue, considering the extinguishing invite system the company has been using so far.


Source: Twitter


OnePlus Mini unofficially teased online! Would you like a mini smartphone?

If you enjoy the OnePlus slowly growing family, you will be excited to find out that there’s a Mini version of one coming out soon! The new device the Chinese manufacturer reached FCC recently, and rumors are calling it OnePlus Mini or OnePlus X. it’s been seen on sites like Weibo where we can see what the device could/probably looks like.


OnePlus Mini



From these images we can see that the device looks rather plain with its all-black design. The front of the device shows capacitive buttons, which means that this mini smartphone will not have a fingerprint reader. The back shows an usual camera plus a LED flash and the OnePLus logo.



oneplus mini 2



The OnePlus Mini has some reported specs as well, including, but not limited to: 5” 1080p display, 2GB of RAM and a MediaTek processor, a 13MP rear camera and NFC.


The company did not reveal any official information regarding this device yet, but the data shows that it should launch sometime by the end of the year.


Source: Droid-life



Cyanogen Inc. still in good partnership with YU, despite rumors

Cyanogen Inc. decided to split from OnePlus last year but they didn’t remain stranded as they continued to strive for an exclusive partnership with Micromax under the YU brand popular in India. Since then, YU has launched some pretty popular devices running on Cyanogen OS, but the latest Yuphoria phone does not run on this OS. Cyanogen says everything is peachy despite this fact.


YUphoria with Cyanogen Inc.


The phone in question is Yuphoria, and it was launched earlier this year initially running on Cyanogen OS. It is basically a mid-range device with a price-tag of around $100. This model is no longer available, though, as the new model – YU5010A – is running on Android 5.1.1 stock and it costs a little less.


There is a statement coming from Cyanogen officials where they assure their customers that the partnership with YU is not in danger. Moreover, the newest OS version, 12.1, will power the newest Yutopia device. In addition, the Yureka Plus and the Yureka will get updated to 12.1 as well.


Yutopia will be the first flagship-level device that Cyanogen Inc. will power in terms of operating system, it appears. YU didn’t make any comment, but the decision of launching a device running on a competing OS is strange, even if Cyanogen assures everyone that there are one-off models that they will not support.


Source: AndroidPolice


OnePlus Two pics released by Chinese regulators

The OnePlus Two phone was officially released today by a Chinese regulator. Last year, OnePlus made a hit with their first smartphone, the super-hip powerful device which sold for only $299, obliterating the competition. Now, the company hopes to hit a home run with the Two, which is supposed to be the bigger better version of any flagship on the market.


OnePlus Two



OnePlus Two was supposed to launch officially next month, but TENAA, a Chinese wireless regulator, has already published some pictures of the device. It looks pretty much the same, but it has a new physical button that can save anything. This button is supposed to be the device’s extremely fast fingerprint scanner that OnePlus says is faster than Apple’s.

According to some recent announcements, the OnePlus Two will have the aforementioned fingerprint scanner plus a Snapdragon 810 and 4GB of RAM and a USB Type-C connector. There have been hints at two SIM slots, but it was not confirmed yet. The price should be somewhere under $450, but we will have to wait until July 27th to find out more official details.

Source: TheVerge


OnePlus reveals the Two’s processor: it’s a Snapdragon 810, folks!

OnePlus reveals new information regarding its Two device and it appears that we are in for an excruciating process yet again, just like it happened with the OnePlus One last year. The Chinese manufacturer will tease one piece of information after another in the hope of creating some hype for the device. AHD that’s not all, as the second One phone will also be released in stages, based on invites.


OnePlus 2



The most recent bit of information released today si also probably the most important one yet, as we now know that the OnePlus Two smartphone will be running on a Snapdragon 810 v2.1. According to the manufacturers, the second 810 processor version is supposed to run much better and thus avoid another SnapdragonGate. LG G Flex 2 and HTC One M9 are just the more famous devices to suffer from thermal throttling because of Snapdragon 810 processor. Even the Xperia Z4 with the v2.1 version has been having some reported issues in Japan.


OnePlus is planning to use graphite and thermal gel to diffuse the heat from the processor as the graphite is supposed to dissipate heat evenly. OxygenOS is supposedly fixed around the Snapdragon processor as well in order to make better use of the big and little cores alike.


The 2 will have an USB type C port, which means it will only work with some microUSB cables, but it will definitely work with all the future devices and cables out there.


The OnePlus 2 does not have an official launch date yet, but more details regarding spec will be revealed in the following weeks.


Source: OnePlus