Cyanogen Inc updates OnePlus One to 12.1.1 with Microsoft Cortana

Cyanogen Inc is finally rolling out Cyanogen OS 12.1.1 for the OnePlus One, but it is not just an update. Noooooo. This is the first OS version where you get built-in Microsoft Cortana support. The sad part is that this feature will only be allowed in the US for now.


Cyanogen Cortana


Microsoft released Cortana a little while ago to some smartphones and, shortly after, it removed “the always listening” feature. On OnePlus One, things will be different because the VI will be pretty much embedded everywhere. The app on the OnePlus One will present the “Hey Cortana” hotword along with support for quiet mode, alarms and voice activated setting toggles. Cyanogen Inc. mentions that embedding Cortana into the OS will only allow the software to develop more in the future.


If you have a OnePlus One device, you should see the update in the system menu. Keep in mind that this is a Lollipop-based update as the “12” in the version number indicates. Cortana support will be limited to US users for now. If Cortana is not to your liking, you can always uninstall it after you update.


Source: Cyanogen



Marshmallow update for OnePlus One and 2 coming in 2016

If our news earlier gave you hope of an early Marshmallow update anytime soon for the OnePlus One or OnePlus 2, you will have to contain your happiness. And wait for a while because the update will not come up until Q1 2016. That means these updates will come any time between January 1st and March 31st, because there is no clearer time frame for it to happen yet.


Marshmallow update



OnePlus X was not included in this bit of news, but that does not necessarily mean it will get its Marshmallow update sooner either. The Q1 windows is only a promise for Cyanogen OS users which puts Oxygen OS on a whole different schedule. While we wait, OnePlus assured us that Oxygen OS maintenance updates will keep on rolling. A fingerprint scanner for OnePlus 2 is in the works, but they are waiting for Marshmallow to implement the built-in functionality just to make things easier.


Source: OnePlus

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OnePlus One gets minor Cyanogen OS update

OnePlus One got an update today and there’s a new Cyanogen OS version out there for it. Considering the breakdown between OnePlus and Cyanogen, this is sort of a surprising move. We are not talking about a huge update, but about a few helpful bug fixes and minor updates. If the OTA hasn’t reached your phone yet, there are manual downloads available you can try.


OnePlus One


The OTA ZIP file is 18MB in size, but in order to make it work you will need a stock version of the OS on your phone. In case you want the full ROM experience, the file is 600MB in size and it includes fastboot ZIPs. According to official forums, this Cyanogen OS forums, his update brings about some bug fixes and security updates, possible something like Stagefright. The usual OTA could prove to be failing, but the manual installs are reported as working.


OnePlus One is the only smartphone from the company still running on Cyanogen OS, but the company is working on moving it to its proprietary Oxygen OS as soon as possible. Considering that most OnePlus One users are still using the Cyanogen OS 12 version, this update will bring joy to many. Happy flashing!


Source: OnePlus Forums

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OnePlus tries to fix touchscreen issues with new update for OxygenOS

OnePlus finally released an OxygenOS 1.01 update and this one is supposed to solve some touchscreen issues the One has been having. It appears that this issue has been lingering through many many minor updates despite the manufacturer’s determination in what concerns the OS development so far.




You can download the firmware directly from inside the announcement where you will find the patch for the touchscreen issue. There you will also find the tool needed if you haven’t already installed the OxygenOS version and this should let you flash the latest version from  CyanogenMod 11 or 12 without losing any data. This tool has been developed by XDA devs and Fastbot Mobile devs, which means it could have some issues on the long run. You will find instruction on the installation of the tool in the source link below.

Source: OnePlusOne Forums via AndroidPolice



OnePlus Two specs leaked – expect the next flagship tide breaker

After OnePlus One broke the market a year ago, it’s now time for the 2 iteration of the line to do the same, or so rumors say. The newest OnePlus flagship was leaked online and the brand is determined to live up to its motto “ Never Settle” once again.




The new device codenamed OnePlus 2 at the moment is right there in the same league as this year’s flagships, at least when it comes to specs. What you’re supposed to be getting is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 plus 3 GB of RAM. Yes, we are talking about the much scrutinized Qualcomm processor here.


OnePlus 2 specs


We hope that the issues with the display and resolution will be addressed if OnePlus is aiming at a true flagship-material smartphone. Here’s hoping they will pack their new device with a Full HD or Quad HD display.


OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei recently said that $400 would be a reasonable price for the new smartphone. Even if its price could be higher than the 64GB OnePlus One, it is still far below the price of other 2015 flagships out there. The 2 will run on OxygenOS for devices shipping out of China.


The OnePlus Two will be officially unveiled sometime this year.


Source: Slashgear

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CyanogenMod 12.1 nightlies rolling out to most devices

CyanogenMod 12.1 nightlies are rolling out for a few days now and it may take a while for most devices to get official support. Either way, remember this is nightly builds we are talking about, which means there could be lots of bugs on the horizon.


CM 12.1


CM12.1 is based on Android 5.1 and it will install on top of CM 12. Any and all third-party add-on ZIPs will have to be updated manually if you find versions compatible to Android 5.1.

The CyanogenMod 12.1 build is already available for devices such as Moto G, OnePlus One, 2013 LTE Nexus 7, and Moto E. These nightlies will keep coming until most devices are cleared out.

A milestone CM build will show up soon, and that will make things more stable, if you wish to wait for one.

Source: CyanogenMod